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Patriot America Insurance Question (InsuBuy)

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  • Patriot America Insurance Question (InsuBuy)

    I have Purchased Patriot America ( from Insubuy) for my parents visiting from India.I purchased the comprehensive plan. My mom had difficulty breathing and I took her to the Doc. who has referred to an ENT specialist. I am suspecting it to be a Nasal Polyp. If it is it may result in surgery given the condition, she did not have any symptoms before.

    Does anyone have any experience with the Insurance if they cover it or not. I haven't read anything under pre-existing conditions section. In the documents it has been specified that even if you call for pre-authorization they may still not accept the claims or they may reject the claim later (I don't see the point in pre-authorization then).

    Any input is appreciated, thanks for the help.


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    Thank you for purchasing Patriot America insurance from us.

    The purpose of pre-certification is entirely different than what you might have understood. Please read IMG - Precertification for further information.

    It is more of a notification so that the insurance company can make appropriate arrangements for your treatment. It does not mean the advance guarantee of the claim payment.

    No one can tell whether your particular claim will be paid or not as there is no basis for anyone to make such judgement. Only when the claim department has all the medical records and the attending physician statement, they can determine whether something is a pre-existing condition or payable claim. In absence of that information, it is not possible to make general statement in advance.

    Rest assured that IMG pays all the genuine claims. If you are still facing any difficulty specifically, please feel free to contact us at any time. (I don't have any additional information about you than this discussion forum posting. You will have to provide appropriate information to me at that time.)

    If your claim is paid properly, please post here as well for the benefit of others. Most of the times, people would post complaining only if their claim is rejected. If the claim is paid, no one bothers. Therefore, others do not come to know about positive experiences. I sincerely request you not to do that and report positive response too.
    Thanks & Regards
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