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Health Insurance while visiting the US?

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  • Health Insurance while visiting the US?


    I am currently living in Australia on a 4 year 457 Visa (so not a permanent resident or eligible for Australian Medical Care). I'm visiting the US for two weeks and looking for short term medical coverage. Most travelers exclude you if it's your home country. Has anyone found companies that offer this?
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    You can purchase Visitor medical insurance at https://www.insubuy.com/covid19-trav...cal-insurance/

    This insurance provides coverage outside your country of residence. So if you are living in Australia for 4yrs your residence country is Australia for insurance purpose. This article might give you better understanding, https://www.insubuy.com/travel-insur...-visiting-usa/

    You can also purchase domestic short term insurance plan at, https://www.insubuy.com/short-term-health-insurance/

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      Will the UK insurance cover any medical bills if I visit the US? I am sorry for such a stupid question but I have never ever traveled to the US and am just interested if I go there (it may happen in 6 month) what do I do with my health insurance I pay for in the UK. I found the most cheap one consulting with this company, but I don't think it covers anything abroad.
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        It depends your insurance what kind of benefit it provides outside UK.
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