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    Thanks Narendra for all your help and your responses are very helpful. I got all the info about visitor insurance from your website and i was about to buy one. But today my friend mentioned about *** site. In that the cost looks lower.But i could'nt find any thread or forum talking about that. Are they offering Comprehencive or Is it fixed. Is their fixed maximum is too low that, we need to pay the huge amount always from pocket - based on a normal hopital charges. Could you please give me some idea what is the main differenence between a policy from them and say the Protection America /Atlas or Liaison.
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    1. That plan is fixed. And is actually priced much higher than 2 fixed coverage plans we have: Visitors Care and Inbound USA.

    And fixed coverages are essentially same as Visitors Care/Inbound USA that we offer on our website.

    2. You can compare Protection America/Atlas America/Liaison etc. on our website at https://www.insubuy.com Just enter the details such as age, dates, policy maximum etc and click on search. And then check the checkboxes for the plan you would like to compare and hit 'Compare button".
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