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VFS renunciation application form, US passport number or Indian passport number.
Hi All,

When I try to create a renunciation application on VFS and add an applicant, it gives me a web form to fill which has the field Passport number, Passport Expiry date just below the Government reference number. Should this be the new US passport number or the old Indian passport number?

What did you all fill when you applied for your application?

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Renunciation-Name change issues
I applied for my Renunciation on Dec 3rd 2020. My legal name had changed during naturalization and i applied with the new name. however a few days later, I got an email asking to provide a court order copy of the name change. The Customer service rep asked me to provide a notarized affidavit of my new name and old name which i did. 3 weeks later the website says the affidavit is not acceptable and they need a court order. I'm not aware of a court order that is provided when you change your name during naturalization and I did provide a copy of my US naturalization certificate. Does anyone know what to do? As i cant apply for OCI without the renunciation certificate and the Support center is clueless on how to proceed.
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I received my surrender certificate today.
Here is my experience:
1. Approx time 3 weeks for completion
2. Did not upload an electronic picture or signature online
3. Used UPS for sending the material and put a pr-paid self-addressed UPS envelope in the packet. They used it and shipped the passport + certificate in that envelope.
4. I pasted one picture on the form and sent two loose pictures, but they returned the two loose pictures.
5. I did receive frequent updates on my case via email from VFS - in total, I think there were three emails over three weeks.
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What if your middle name is not present in Indian passport but US passport has middle name in renunciation application?
Things are absolutely unorganized and all the instructions are absolutely vague on the VFS website. Plus my name is different on the US and Indian passport so lets see what issues they give me, already anticipating a lot. Anyone who submitted renunciation application and have different names on US and Indian passport or only middle name is different, please let me know what experience you had!
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What is Given name in renunciation application if you changed your name?
Hello All,

I am applying for renunciation of Indian passport. VFS website takes you to website. On this site under applicant details, it asks for given name, last name, date of birth etc... I have have changed my name at the time of US citizenship. Do I enter the given name per US passport or Given name per Indian Passport?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Cannot create a profile on VFS website
I used to have a profile on VFS website but a few days ago when I logged in, it wasn't there. I emailed VFS support but they are yet to resolve my issue.
In the mean time I tried to create a new profile. When I click Submit, the form reappears. If I click submit again, the form clears itself and reappears. I have tried Firefox and Chrome but the behavior is the same.
Anybody else has the same issue? Have you found a solution?
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VFS San Francisco no update after application is delivered
I shipped my renunciation application to VFS San Francisco. The application was delivered to them more than a week ago but I have not received any confirmation or update from VFS yet. When I try to track the application on VFS website I get an error "An unexpected error occured while processing your request.". Is there anybody who submitted their renunciation application to VFS and got any updates from them?

Thanks in advance! :)
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VFS Chicago in person visit
Any one visited in person VFS office in Chicago or any VFS location for missing document(s) clarification?
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VFS - Surrender Certificate - Missing Upload photo
Hi, Earlier this week I sent all required documents for my wife's Renunciation certificate and today I got an email from VFS as below..

We are waiting the following documents
1. Missing uploaded photo. Additional particular form missing.

I don't see option or document to upload photo in either VFS site or India embassy site. Did anyone where I can upload photo?

Appreciate your response.
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VFS Renunciation of Passport , unable to create account
With services being handled by VFS starting Nov 4th , there is no option to register for renunciation of passport on VFS site.
Currently stuck to apply for renunciation and hence OCI , anybody ran into similar issue or were able to submit their
renunciation application to VFS? ( open in desktop version)
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