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New **** for not returning documents
they don't find proof of courier and hence not sending the documents. bull **** - checklist has this and if it was not there why was application processed. Blind, irresponsible **** and delaying things for no reasons shirkers! I re sent the courier proof my email and now it will go to the concern department with another few days delay.

Why couldnt they print it online themselves, why was application processed, why was checklist accepted with check mark (Courier proof was submitted with the documents, why no calls were made when passport was sitting on their desk for 2+ days.

And then that mouth punching answer " please wait for COUPLE of days"

did anyone got their PIO **** today??????
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PIO application returned without PIO and got temporary Visa
Applied for PIO (houston) on Jan 6th 2015 and got call from ckgs on 21st saying PIO scheme is cancelled effective Jan 9th 2015. Applied for temporary visa for 10 years on 22nd Jan 2015 and received passport with temporary visa for 10 years multiple entry with a maximium stay of 180 days in India.

Booked tickets for Feb 15th 2015, so temporary visa was our only option and luckily got it before our travel.
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Wanted to share My experience.

Applied the PIO@DC on Jan 8th 2014
Sent to Indian Embassy on Jan 9th

Received an email from CKGS on Jan22

I’m writing to you in regards with the PIO application you submitted to CKGS.
As per a new notification regarding OCI / PIO applications, you are requested to note the following:
· Effective 9 January, 2015 the PIO card scheme has been withdrawn.

· All PIO applications, pending with the Mission for processing are being returned to the applicants.

· Applicants are requested to apply for OCI cards.

· CKGS will not accept any fresh PIO applications.


You may read about this notification in detail on our website



If you are interested in applying for an OCI card then you may follow the steps listed below:

Step 1

You can get detailed information about OCI at

Step 2

Fill your online OCI application on Govt. of India website

Step 3

Print, Sign and send us a scanned copy of your application to [email protected] for further processing.

Step 4

Note that minor applications, you will have to notarize the OCI application with both parent’s signature after printing and then send us the scanned copy of the application to [email protected] for further processing.


OCI processing usually takes 6-8 weeks.


Only for those PIO applications which were pending with the Mission for processing, are being returned to the applicants with a request to apply for an OCI card on the same fee prescribed for the PIO card.
Your PIO fees will be used for your OCI application and there shall be NO refund.
Your passport is not required during the initial OCI process. We will need it once your OCI has been granted, printed & dispatched from New Delhi to the Embassy in USA; and you will be notified once it is ready for Match Up.
Currently we will go ahead and return your passport back to you using the return shipping method you opted when you submitted your PIO application.

You will be required to resubmit your passport to CKGS for Match Up only then. You will be required to include $30 for courier fees for sending your passport to CKGS and the return shipment of the passport and the OCI card back to you. Click to purchase your courier service
Warm Regards
Vanitha Sethu
cid:[email protected]

Received my passport today without PIO card no fees or documents returned I think I may need to apply for OCI now.

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did anyone travel to India with PIO card which is issued after 01/09/2015
I am planning to visit India in April with my son, whose PIO is issued on 01/13/2015.
I checked with OCIPIO wing of Indian embassy Washington DC and they said its valid for travel.

but want to know if anyone traveled to India with PIO card which is issued after 01/09/2015.

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Did anyone receive any update for their application that was submitted to SFO embassy on 01/05/2015?
From 5th till today there is no change in the status tracker page :(
Please update any info if u have...Usually how many working days/week does the SFO take to process the application?
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PIO HOUSTON - got the application and passports baack
Folks - Here is an update on my PIO HOUSTON application.

PIO Application received at CKGS Houston on Jan/16/2015.

Got an email from CKGS morons @12pm today(01/28) that 'FEDEX is on the way' and received FEDEX @1pm (01/28) at my doorstep.

All my docs and USA passport have been returned. No PIO though. :(
Morons have deducted $32 from my PIO fees and sent me a check for the rest of the amount.

On the positive side, can apply for an OCI now. On the negative side, not sure if I will get OCI before my trip to India towards March monthend!!
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PIO Cards issued after 9th Jan are not valid
Hello Giants,\
I applied for PIO for my daughter on 1/2 and got an update yesterday that CKGS has received my application back from Embassy.. I was very happy that PIO is issued for my daughter and i would be able to travel next week..

I Just called CKGS to check when they will send me passport and PIO to me and came to know new story -

CKGS is not sure what is there in envelop whether it is PIO or returned application. ..

CKGS is not sure whether PIO cards issued after 9th Jan are valid or not..

What the hell is this????..

Please let me know if you know if PIO cards issued after 9th Jan are valid or not?

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Passport and Application received back New York
I applied for PIO for my son and got application and passport back. They also issued check for 188 dollars on my son's name out of 220 dollars after deducting 17 dollars for processing fee + 15 dollars for return courier.

My application never reached Indian Embassy and it reached CKGS NY on 20th Jan, maybe because of that i got it early. I know one friend of mine whose application still not returned and application with embassy.

Please share your experiences if anyone has applied for OCI on L1/H1 visa. I am on L1 currently and got COS approved to H1 from Feb end, so no need for me to leave country, but not sure how to proceed.

Do they even ask for your status for applying OCI for minor, it is not there in their checklist? Please suggest if i should wait until Feb end and then apply for OCI or can send it now also.
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PIO at houston
I think i am getting back Passport without PIO card. My PIO application was sent to houston consulate on jan 9.

Today i received email that my documents are being sent through fedex. The shipping weight is 2 lb so i guess its with submitted papers.

The nightmare of PIO seems to be ending . Need to apply for visa now.

Not sure if i can use same parent authorization, and other relavant forms that i filled out for PIO.
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PIO for minor at SFO
Your application has been collected from the Embassy/Consulate and is being sorted. Your application will be ready for collection from our Application Centre within one business day. 01/27/2015
Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy/Consulate for further processing. 01/02/2015
Your application is in process. Your tracking id is USAS YYYY XX 12/31/2014
Your application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification. 12/31/2014
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