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regarding PIO and FNU name problem

I am stuck in a problem because of which my newborn daughter's PIO card. Here is the situation I need help with...

My wife's name does not have any last-name in her passport (it simply appears as say, XYZ), so in the visa it shows up as "FNU XYZ". I applied my daughter passport and in my daughter’s passport they mentioned Mother,s name as “FNU XYZ” which is same as Visa. However I have questions:
will this be ok when I apply for PIO card, or will Indian consulate ask for the name as it appears in passport (which is without last name)?

I have to travel to India in a couple of month's time so would appreciate any information in this regard. Please let me know if I didn't explain the situation clearly.

thanks a lot!!
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Need advice regarding appying for PIO urgently
Hi friends,

I am trying to apply for pio for my 4 month old daughter. She has her US passport. I need to travel to India at the earliest as my father is facing some health issues. I am residing in NY and tried to book a walkin appoinment thinking that I will be able to get the PIO soon. But I booked the appoinment today 19th feb 2014 and got the nearest appoinment date as 13th march 2014. And I have read that it may take up to 4 weeks to get the pio card in hand. Totally confused !!
Now I am trying to get answer for two questions:

1.Is there any other way to book a walkin appoinment within few days ?

2.Or is it better to get a tourist visa for my daughter now ? If yes I fear will my daughter have to face some issues during the journey and her stay in India.

Please share your experiences.

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PIO card eligibility
I was born in Nepal with Indian parents, did schooling in India. Now us citizen am I eligible to apply for PIO card?
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PIO card rejected since father could not "prove" Indian citizenship of 63 years
Our daughter works in New Delhi on a Work Visa. Her PIO card application was rejected because her father never had a birth certificate(1934) and no longer has his cancelled India passport. She presented a copy of an Agra University Gazette(1952) which lists her father as a graduate. He also did his M.S. at Delhi University. He was born in 1934 in Karachi(British India), whioch seems to raise a red glad among clerks who don't know their history. His family had large property holdings in Meerut, but records of that are very difficult to recover. His high-ranking Indian Army friends have been unsuccessful in reaching administrators (now deceased) of schools he attended in Meerut. Schools and records are unavailable(after 65 years) Our daughter is at a great disadvantage in not holding the PIO card. She is working for an educational research institute through MIT.

Secondly, her father is now having a major issue obtaining his India visa to visit her. While his American passport shows an India visa issued and used in 2011, at which time he paid for a Renunciation certificate(of Indian citizenry), and he has made about 22 return visits to India, the outsource company will not issue a visa; and while he was on the phone, they contacted the local Consul who stated that they would not issue an Indian Visa! It's incredible the amount of harassment and illogical behavior shown by the Indian visa personnel. While his daughter couldn't prove her father's past Indian citizenship;(63 years), now the Consul is using his Indian citizenship(stated as "former" on his U.S. passport) as an excuse not to issue a visa.

Any suggestions or shared experiences will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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So Fast and So easy - Surprised
I have applied for PIO for my one year baby.
I got the processed PIO in 2 weeks. amazing fast service.
below are the points i would like to share with forum members

1. We need to Notarize parents signatures on the application form. there is no special space provided on the application for this, but bank people just stamp below our signatures and sign.
2. babys thumbs, make sure to get them in side the box. (Better take many prints of the pages that require babys thump impressions - just in case if they spoil we can use the other ones)
3. Better to take the thumb impressions when the baby is sleeping.. thats what i did and they came out so nice.
I heard from some people that FrdEx people are leaving the processed passport envelop at the door, so while ordering the Airmail with Fedex - i opted for Adult signature - so when the processed Passport comes some one has to sign - saw the tracking status and made sure that we are available at home.
4. some times the BLS website is down, but thye are answering the questions on phone.
5. they told that they have dispatched it on Saturday - but FedEx updated on monday evening 7pm that they have received the envelop.

BLS Receipt Number => PIONABCDXYZK
Current Aplication Status : Your Passport has been dispatched on 21-12-2013 12:10.Please check the status on the Courier Company's website post 48 hours
Application accepted by BLS:12-12-2013 , 10:57
Appliication Processed on Date : 12-12-2013
Application Processed and Ready to be submitted to Consulate : 12-12-2013 , 17:55
Application received at BLS Center : 21-12-2013 , 11:50
Application handed over to Applicant : -
Application Dispatched to Applicant :21-12-2013 , 12:10
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daughter of former India resident unable to obtain PIO card for work in India
Our daughter, (dad an Indian resident for 24 years, plus U.S. greencard holder 1958-1997) could not receive PIO card for her work in India because: her dad no longer has his old India passport, 2. never had a birth certificate (born in Karachi(India), 1934. A Meerut, India, college administrator found an Agra University Gazette which showed he received his B.S. there in 1952. That was not sufficient for the Houston Travisa office as evidence of his past citizenship. His father, well known in Meerut, owned a large parcel of land and then held by his four sons, including our daughter's father, from 1969-1987.

How can one show proof of former Indian citizenship -- through very difficult-to-secure property records?, hire an attorney to search, find an old judge(no longer living) who could attest to his birth and residence history? Our daughter, who presently works in New Delhi, is at a great disadvantage by not having a PIO card for many work-related issues.

Daughters relatives abound in New Delhi. We are going there in February. Does anyone have any siggestions as to how we can help her by proving her Dad was an Indian citizen for 63 years. Thank you.
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PIO Card Endorsement
I have a new Passport for my son. I need to endorse the same in the PIO Card. Whenever, i try to open BLS webpage, it says Website not avaiable.

What is going on?

If i need to travel to india, what are my options? Should i carry old and new passports with the PIO card (without Endorsement)? or should i need endoresement?

I live in Ohio. If i go to Consulate in NY, will be able to do the PIO Endoresement in person?
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BLS - PIO Processing Time Oct 2013
Hi ,

The PIO Status is "Processing at Consulate General" on the BLS website.
Does anyone know how long it takes for processing by the consulate.

23 Sept - PIO Minor Application sent via Fedex
24 Sept - Application received by BLS , NY
25 Sept - "Processing at Consulate General"
26 Sept -
07 Oct - "Processing at Consulate General"

Its almost two weeks now.. and i have booked tickets on 19 Oct 2013. Will i be able to get it before that date ?

Ram G
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Need help to apply new PIO for my 8 week baby
I have a valid US passport for my 8wk old baby and I now want to apply PIO. I have following queries. I would appreciate if anyone can help..

1. BLS website suggests that we need to make appointments through order form. But, when I am attempting to fill out order form it is just mailing me the shipping label in email and the date button for booking appointment is disabled..

2. Me and my husband have different addresses behind our valid Indian passports.. One of those addresses is our permanent verifiable address.. Can we just mention that address in PIO application form and include copy of both passports? Or is there any other proof required?

3. We are planning to apply in-person.. Do we still need to get a prepaid envelope on BLS?

Thanks in anticipation.

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PIO card for wife and son
I am an Indian citizen, my wife is a Malaysian citizen and my son is US citizen. Can my wife and Son get the PIO?
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