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My travel document application was received on April 13th and it is in Nebraska service Center . They reused my previous fingerprints to run my background check . I am still waiting for the document. Nothing yet
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I was wondering if anyone knows what is the change I will get my i-131 approved after uscis already approved my i-131 expedite request. I also wonder if anyone knows how long it can take from the day my expedite request was approved till the day I will get my travel document, what is the waiting time. Thanks
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Re Entry Permit
Hi I'm asking for my sisters situation. Currently she's studying outside US and a green card holder. She has a re entry permit but can she apply for a new re entry permit earlier than the 60 days timeframe before her re entry expired? Her re entry permit will expire on May 2021 but we were planning to apply for a new one on December 2020 is it possible?
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Expedite request experience, anyone?
Hi Fam!
A SLC filer, PD was 7/18/2019. And my files are in NBC.
I need to travel abroad in Feb 2020, and I need to get back to work asap.
The wait has been so frustrating especially after they sent a RFIE regarding birth certificate, which I had already submitted in the original file. I feel that they are just doing this to drag the process.

I just called USCIS live agent and filed expedite request for i131(travel permit) and i765(work authorization)

All she said was to watch out for emails regarding information if they need any before they decide to move on with expedite process or not. Is there anyone who filed expedite requests? And if then, what evidences did they request? And how did it all go? Please share your experience!

I am going to do whatever I can do in my power.
I need your advice!
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physical presence
I know that a re-entry permit has 2 yrs validity only to be outside the US and I am aware of the 4 years + 1 day rule because of the re-entry permit, but I am not sure if my physical presence is affected by my six months and 2 days only absence (left the US July 23, 2017 and came back January 25, 2018). Is that 2 days on top of 6 months absence can be a cause for N-400 denial? Please help
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Re entering the US with an Expired Venezuelan Passport
Hi All,

Has anyone in this forum managed to renter the US -with an appropriate immigration status- but also with an expired Venezuelan passport?

Context: A month ago the Venezuelan government in exile issued a decree that was later recognized by the US, essentially extending the validity of expired Venezuelans passport for an additional 5 years beyond the printed expiration date, by which Venezuelans holding an appropriate immigration status are eligible to renter the us even though they hold expired passports.

I ask because I haven't hear of anyone actually going through with this and I live in MIA. I intent to travel to Colombia in April 2020 to have my wedding and by that time my passport will be expired. After facing the impossible task of renewing my Venezuelan passport, I refuse to thousands of dollars to the Venezuelan passport mafia to get it renewed.

Has anyone managed to re-enter the US with an expired venezuelan passport? (Please share your experience..

Thanks in advance

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Can I travel with only my green card to Mexico

I’m planning to travel to Mexico for a few weeks during Christmas. I have my 10 year green card and a driver license. I lost my passport (I’m from Venezuela) so I don’t have anything else. Will that be enough? Can I travel by air or only by land? Thank you!
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Re entry and Four years and one day rule
Hello, so i had my interview today. I passed the civics test but the officer could not come up with a decision yet since i have not been physically present in the US for 5 straight years because i was away for 1 year and 9 months vis a re entry.

Since i came back from my absence, i have been year in the US for four years and 6 months. The officer said she will ask her immigration lawyer to decide on what to do with my case. I know that i need to wait for 5 years before applying given the 4 years and a day rule, i thought it should be fine. I wonder how long it takes until the officer will tell me what else they need.

Has anyone experienced this? Thank you.
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Returning after 4 months and the Re entry permit has not been mailed yet
Hello to all,

I'm a green card holder studying back in my country and I return to the US every semestral break (after 4 or 5 months) to visit my family. I applied for 1 previous reentry permit already and it expired last oct 2017.

I applied for another reentry permit (I-131) last june and it got produced last September 20. The site says usually, it takes about 60 days to mail the document but, I haven't received an email that it was shipped/mailed to my consulate.

My flight to return for the Christmas break is in a few weeks. I'd just like to ask if it's safe to return to the US without it? And if I do return without it, do I need some sort of proof that I have been just studying abroad when I get questioned at the border patrol? Thank you.
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tax filing after re-entry permit
Hello to all, I have a question and I would need your help.

I am a green card holder since September 2016, living and working in Chicago. I plan to accept a job offer from a foreign company and move to Europe for the next 3 years and my attorney advised me that the best would be to file for a re-entry permit, which will however cancel my naturalization process (I have to restart when I come back to the US). My intention is to keep my house here in USA and travel regularly to the US (every 2-3 months), since I will have a parallel consulting agreement with a US company. Of course, I will keep my bank accounts, credit cards, memberships etc, since I plan to return back in 3 years. Therefore, my questions are:

1) Should I file for re-entry permit?
2)Is there any way that I can avoid cancelling my US naturalization process?
3) In the case that I get the re-entry permit, I will have approximately 80% of my income generated in Europe and 20% in USA. I will be living approximately 300 days per year in Europe and 65 days in USA. Should I file taxes in the US as a resident or as a non-resident?
4) Would filing as a non-resident be considered as an abandonment of my green card and cancel my re-entry permit?

Thank you in advance!
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