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Short Travel with original L1A Visa stamped
I have my L1A visa stamped on Nov 2019 and its valid till Aug 2024. However based on the I-94 validity till April 2022, I have got my L1 A petition approved and my I-797 also valid till April 2024. Since my original visa stamping on my passport is still valid till Aug 2024, Can I make a short duration travel by using earlier stamped visa and without doing the stamping as against the I-797 approval notice?

Your guidance will be very helpful.
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Can GC holder wait for i131 approval outside US?
My mother-in-law is a GC holder. She is planning to leave US for 2 years. She already filed i131. However, there seems to have a long processing time for i131. Can she leave US while waiting for the i131 approval? She is 80yrs, so no biometrics collect is required. Is there any interview process to get the i131?
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Coming back to USA after 2 years WITHOUT applyinf form I-131.
My mom is 91 years old now. A little over 2 years, my sister took my mom back to Brazil with her. My sister was going to wait her husband (American) husband to apply for her to come to USA. It took over 2 years to get my sister's process approved, and now she is coming to the USA, and I need to bring my mom once she has no place to stay there, and she is totally dependent. Will I have a problem returning with my mom? Please someone can help with information?
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Reckless driving on F1 visa STEM OPT

I am an international student in the USA (on F1 visa- STEM OPT). I need some advice related to immigration and visa.

Case: In August 2022, I was over speeding and I got arrested by a cop for reckless driving. After that, I hired an attorney for my case and he successfully got it dismissed and expunged/sealed. I have all the documents related to the dismissal and expungement of this case.

I am planning to travel to India, I wanted to know if it is safe to travel now. Do I need any documents from the immigration side, if yes could you please guide me?

Thank you.
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I-131 Travel Document approval Timeline 2022
21st April 2022. I-131, I-765, I-485 filed together on 21st April2022.
22nd April 2022. Status shows we received I-131, I-765, I-485 on 22nd April2022 with receipt number. Service centre: MSC
May 22nd 2022. Finger printing notification received on May22nd.
July 1st 2022. Finger printing done on July 1st. same day status changed as finger printing applied for I-765 and I-485
September 16th 2022. I-765 approved
September 20th 2022 I-765 EAD card mailed
September. 23rd 2022. I-765 EAD card received
October 05 2022 status changed to finger printing applied for form I-131 Application for Travel Document
October 07 2022 status changed to approved form I-131 Application for Travel Document. Approval notice sent.

Hope to get Travel doc next week and we can plan travel accordingly. posting here so that people like me can get some clue.
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Re entry expectations with VAWA travel permit
I’m planning to travel to Sint Marteen on vacation with my VAWA re entry permit. Port of entry Atlanta, GA

I would like to know what kind of questions to expect. And also what documents I should have with me.

Also please share any experience you may have that may be helpful.

Thank you.
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DUI case - F1 student
I am currently pursuing my Masters at Arizona State university. I landed in US on August 13th 2021.
Yesterday (December 9th) night was one of the worst nights as I got stopped by and officer right in-front of my house at 4:30 am and the alcohol reading was 0.10. My car was impounded but I was not arrested. The officer took me to a van where they collected my blood and he asked me to take a uber back. I was back to my place within an hour. He asked me to appear at the court on 20th December. The officer told me that he has booked it as a misdemeanour.
Im planning to hire a attorney.
I received an internship offer recently, will it get affected due to this? Also, I read online that the visa gets canceled immediately and i have to reapply if I got to India. Please let me know what I can do to get out of the situation eith least damage to visa status and from job perspective. Please help!! ????????????
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Family Green Card received they were outside US and How to bring the family to US, after one year window has elapsed.

My situation is special here :-) appreciate your comments.

Myself and family have GC till 2030. And Im currently in US, My family traveled outside US in 2019 mid and couldn't enter back as they didn't had advance parole. Fortunately all of us got GC in 2020. Now with all of us having GC in hand , thought of brining family back to US. but COVID hit us and my wife was diagnosed with +ve and the trip was postponed. While all these happened, it is already 1year 3months passed since GC received in hand. What should be i be doing?

My family received GC when they were outside of US, as they had to travel without advance payrole approval and got stuck there
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H1b Stamping with Reckless Driving
I am convicted for Reckless driving by speed (94/55) in Virginia. It states that in Virginia going anything above 20 mph is reckless driving and a Class 1 Misdemeanor offense. I was not arrested(put in jail)/Fingerprinted, Only my License was suspended for 3 months and payed fine of $600(which includes court fees).

I got my H1b picked up in the lottery and will soon file the petition to USICS. After October 2021 I plan to go to my home country(India) and should probably apply for H1b Stamping.

My questions are:

1. What should be the answer in DS 160 for the field : Have you ever been arrested off any crime/offense. Reckless driving is an offense in Virginia but not in every state and Don't know for sure if I have to mention it in DS 160. Please help me if anyone faced this issue.

2. As per my knowledge person will DUI will be denied stamping on the mental/physical grounds. Will it be treated same for Reckless driving as well?

3. Any suggestions/steps should be taken in advance to prevent stamping denials.

4. Will there be any problem at POE.

Please help me if anyone have knowledge on this type of scenario or experienced the similar thing before , it would be helpful for me.

Thanks in Advance
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I 751 and traveling
Hi everyone, I have question and would be very happy if anyone can share experiences, knowledge, information. My green card is expiring on September 19, 2021. I will be filing my I751 on June 20th. Can I travel internationally after I submit my I751 with a valid green card or do I have to wait for a receipt to travel? Will I have any problem upon my return with a valid green card but no receipt? And what happens if my receipt arrives before I come back to the US?
Thank you!
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