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Re: replacement
Good night.

I would greatly appreciate every response to my post. My case was approved on 06/08/20 my last status on my case 06/10-/20 card was mailed. I never got notifications about card pickup by post office or delivered. Submit an enquiry 06/25/20 on 07-10-20was told my card may be stuck in card production and i should check back 60 days. Did another one August no response did another one September got a response 10/01/20 got a tracking number it was expired had to call the post office when they tracked it was told the card was delivered 06/17/20 but I never received it neither has my case status changed up to this day to card delivered or even picked up by post office. Contact USCIS was told I had to do a replacement and online would be faster. Did the replacement 10/11/20 clicked the option card was issued but never received upload all my evidence I wasn’t prompt to make any payment so I didn’t. Got the recipe 10 days later was told my biometric appointment would come next. Haven’t heard anything since. Please anyone in a similar situation or know of a case like mine could you please tell what happens next. Spoke a friend of mine who said if I had clicked lost or stolen I would’ve paid and case would’ve been approved sooner not sure how true that is.
Thanks in advance
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I applied for my sons passport thru my naturalization before he turned 18. I applied on Oct 6 at a post office and have not received his passport
I applied my passort and recived in 3-4 weeks
Providing a timeline with similar experience will be greatly appreciated
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Form I-90 part 3 question#5, Since you were granted permanent resident, have you ever filed I 407?
I was granted permanent resident in year of 2005 but in year of 2014 i filed form I 407 to surrender my green card. But in year of 2018 I was granted permanent resident again. I'm not sure how to answer the question on form I-90 "Since you were granted permanent resident, have you ever filed form I-407? Yes or No ? Does the question apply to my old and recent green card or only for my most recent green card?
Thank you for any help.
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I-90 (USICS made a typo)
I received my card with misprint. Hence have to apply I 90. My question is how long it takes for I 90 in the case of error from the USCIS ?
My date is 08/17/2020.
Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated
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I-90 , Green card expiring and stuck in india due to pandemic
hello, my dad has green card and he is  in india now . Stuck there due to pandemic. His green card is expiring in 10 days. U.S embassy at New Delhi is closed for such processings and Dad is unable to travel to U.S due to pandemic. Does anyone have any idea what we should do ? Should we go ahead and file for I-90 anyways even though he is not in U.S currently ? I am grateful if anyone can help.
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I90 approved
Hey guys! Here my story, hope would be helpful for you I lost my 10 year green card
I'm in total shock..... I applied on May 20th (online/paperless) USCIS received it on May 20th, Biometrics reuse notice on May 20th, Approval notice May 21st Amazing, unbelievable, I'm speechless, only 1day in total. God bless!!!
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Waiting on green card
Does anyone know how long it should be to get my green card when my staus says.We produced your Green Card and are completing our final quality review
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Epiry date of replaced lost green card
Hi: Does anyone know what will be the expiry date on a replaced lost green card?

My cousin lost his green card which was issued 3 years ago and has applied for a replacement. Will the new / replaced card have a 10-year expiry date from the date of reissue?
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Replacing lost green card -- timeline
I consider myself very lucky when I see how quickly I got my replacement green card. I lost my original card Nov 1, 2019 in JFK airport during my onward international flight. My category is E16 -- the DoS agent said the category doesn't matter. My location is RDU. Here is my timeline

Dec 25, 2019 -- Submitted US 90 form; created uscis profile
Dec 26 -- called USCIS for an infopass appointment for an I551 stamp
Dec 27 -- got a return call to confirm the date of my infopass appt. This call comes at random times. Mine came at 3 PM.
Dec 30 -- notified by USCIS for a biometric appt on Jan 15/2020
Jan 2, 2020 -- Infopass appt for my I551 stamp, which I got after my appt with the agent. The agent was also kind enough to give me a letter to prepone my biometric appt to Jan 2
Jan 2 -- I gave my biometrics for green card
Jan 3 -- Got a confirmation that they received my details
Jan 6 -- notified the replacement card is printed
Jan 10 -- received the card in my mailbox.

All details looks good. Amazing experience.
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Green Card Printed with Wrong Photo
It took a year & 8 months to have my I-751 approved and sadly when it finally arrived it had the photo of a stranger on it . All the information was correct except for the photo .
My photo was taken at the biometrics appt so I know it was an error on USCIS part.

I submitted my application to replace my green card in April 2019 along with the original Green Card.
Late in April 2019 I received a REF which asked for more Biometric Evidence as I had only sent a photo of my Drivers license and a copy of my conditional green card.
So, I sent my passport and a cover letter explaining the error on the green card.

USCIS confirmed in May 2019 that they received my information and I didnt hear from them since then.
I highly recommend opening an online account as you can see all the letters they send you (in case one is lost in the mail) and you can upload documents there in case you get a REF (Request for Evidence)
I would check my account every 2 weeks or so but there was no change until
November 2019 where I was told my card was being produced.
It took 7 months for my replacement card to be produced.


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