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My Worst Experience at German Consulate in dubai
I think the German consulate in dubai is the worst consulate i have ever seen in my life, as in they too proud to respect mankind. Seeking a tourist visa I had a racist and repelling encounter from the German Consulate in Dubai..They are treating middle class third country citizens like a shit. They refused our visa twice just for 4 days visa even after submitting all the documents required by their policy while other country citizens are collecting their visa for the whole family for 15 and 20 people together without any problem but for us its a nightmare and they don't give a damn even if all the documents are perfect. Our first refusal letter states (You have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence) as the reason for our visa refusal as we have submitted only salary pre pay account statement and they requested for personal account.

Then we opened a personal bank account and applied again showing more than 5500 Euro as total but this time they refused it showing 2 reasons. Ohh god C'mon how is that possible when the documents we submitted are the same documents which we submitted in the first application and it was only one reason in the first refusal letter (Sufficient funds) and now after including extra documents to prove sufficient funds like credit card and debit card and other bank documents with it now they are showing 2 reasons.. It is so disappointing and sad to know how middle class third country citizens like us are treated in european consulate like this. If you have required balance then you must have a personal account and if you have that then it must be a current account not saving account and if you have that too then it must be older than 3 months and even if that’s ok then they will find some other reason to refuse your visa. I can understand this for long stay visa or 2 months visa but I don’t understand why I have been refused twice for just 4 days.. No tourist website in this world is showing that only people who has personal bank account older than 3 months can go for tourism no never. They didn’t give me a call or message asking for any extra documents either, they refused it just like that and we wrote a cover letter with the second application to the consulate stating that apart from all this documents and proofs if you are not satisfied yet then please give us a call and we can deposit some extra amount in the consulate as a proof of sufficient means of subsistence like in many consulates a security amount may be deposited in cash just for the purpose of presenting the equivalent of the requested means of subsistence to the consulate and the cash will be refunded once the applicant is back on the mentioned date but this german consulate people are not even bothering about this , they are not even allowing applicant’s near the consulate as they are not even humans and they are not even accepting security deposit apart from all this documents for just 4 days, no call no message nothing they just refused it just like that. Now this 2 refusal stamp in the passport will affect our future to get visa for any other european countries. The intention behind this Proof of sufficient means of sustenance is to just make it sure that applicant have enough sufficient fund to afford themselves during the stay and the means of subsistence for the intended stay shall be assessed in accordance with the duration of the stay and by reference to average prices in the Schengen State multiplied by the number of days stayed, on the basis of the reference amounts set by the Schengen States in accordance . I was showing more than 5500 euro for 4 days and they refused it by adding an another new reason for refusal. I didn’t chose to be born in a certain country or race so you have no rights to discriminate us for what we are. Many other country citizens have access to more than 168 countires without visa and people like us are going through depressing and difficult procedures like this just to get a tourist visa. To apply for a visa you are asking for Hotel, Flight confirmation and we paid and confirmed it and if we didn’t submit extra bookings for local tours inside the country or other entertainment tickets you people either will say (Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable) or (A justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided) so we are forced to book other local tickets or to buy other local tour tickets and entertainment tickets to prove our purpose of stay and after all this you people are refusing it just like that without even giving a call or message requiring any extra documents. Consulate people are not understanding how hard it is to submit a visa application after getting the company letter, statement, this and that and submitting this documents to the consulate is an another nightmare as we have to wait in VFS global for more than 6 hours in a rush queue and have to take a day off from the work and after all this getting refused just like that. We are not asking for citizenship, its just a tourist visa. Our overall cost for this trip is already paid including round trip air tickets, lodging, food, tour and guide, domestic travel inside germany all which is non –refundable and now we cant get that money back and we lost all our money because of this. It's so frustrating and disappointing.
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second visit to schengen visa
I hold a schengen visa issued for Germany and valid for 2 months. I traveled from India to Germany(my entry port) on 1st june and then traveled to sweden. Now I will be back to india on 30th june and need to come to sweden for business again on 10th July.
My question is If I go back to India and come back again within the period of 2 months, Do I need to travel to Sweden via Germany or Can i directly travel to sweden.
Please revert It's URGENT
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Air Side Transit Schengen Visa
I am a Indian Passport holder travelling to Dominican Republic. I hold Dominican Visa and also a Air Side Schengen Visa issued by France. I have changed my travel plan and now will catch a connecting flight from Berlin. Will the Air Side Transit visa issued by France hold good or I have to travel from any airport in France only.
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Need to travel to germany
I am a well estabilish srilankan who wants to visit Germany to see one of my beneficiary who help me for my studies.
 i got my inviting party's sponsor letter and all the required documents that are listed in the website. Do i need to have any additional supporting documents other than there website. Like to know experince who have submitted similar visa.
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schengen visa issued just for 4 days- Need it for 90 days
Hi we are a family of four living in UK but Indian by nationality. we recently applied for schengen visa to go to France. My husband has got it for four days since are travel insurance was for only 4 days which covers the days of trip,but we are planning to go to italy also after few months. so can i again approach the consulate again for extension am yet to make my trip to france. Am so worried because am planning to meet my parents in italy who are coming there too.
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Do I need a schengen visa as a British Citizen Spouse?
Hi, I hold a British citizen "Spouse Leave to Remain Residence Permit" card. Me and my husband would like to visit Germany and France. He does not need visa since he is a British citizen but as a spouse do I need a visa for a short visit? in the below links it says : You DO NOT need a visa for short stays in Germany if you are: --- a partner (married or civil partnership) or child of an EU/EEA/EFTA national if you hold a British "Residence Card of a Family Member of an EEA National" or a "Permanent Residence Card" - and only if you are travelling together with the EU/EEA/EFTA national The foreign spouse of a EU national (except French national) may enter France without visa if holding :  --- A valid UK residence permit with the endorsement "family member of EEA national" (this endorsement is compulsory to be visa exempted) ; I really need advice on this subject, if you have any experience like that, please do share. Thank you  
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expired visa
My son obtained a month Schengen visa in August but then joined the French Foreign Legion in September. Now he wants to come home but his visa has expired and he has been threatened by the officers that he will be exported. Can someone please give advice?
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Multiple entry visa schengen
i get the multiple visa for 90 days short stay for two years.

could I stay in 90 days and how much entries being made in two years.

Or If I spend first 90 days and how is possible to returned back after one month.
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Schengen Visa denied
I had applied for Schengen visa to go to Greece for few days as tourist. I was going with my mother,s brother and his family. But Greece embassy refused my visa but all others got it. I am 23 years old, Single, only child of my parents, self employed. I had shown all my Tax returns, bank statement, Hotel reservations, air ticket bought etc etc...I was called for an interview but I was not given visa as my mothers brother, his wife, daughter and her husband, they all got it. What could be the reason.
It was about 2 months a go. Now shall I apply to some other country EU for Schengen visa.
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Schengen expansion need to be updated
Recent expantion and changes in Shengen agreement is need to be updated in website. Eg Swistzerland is now is memeber schengen. It would defenetly help to aviod the mesleading a travel

Thanks & Regards
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