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Nick Name: 221g

Username : Riya Thakur Visa Type: H1
Citizenship Country: India Interview Date: 05/11/2017
Embassy/Consulate: India : New Delhi Visa Center: India : Chandigarh
Slip Color: Document Submission Date: 08/21/2017

Status: Approved Status Date: 10/24/2017
Passport Collected No    

Notes: 05/09-Biometrics
05/11- Interview
221g issued
06/02-docs submitted (But they didn't receive)
08/11- docs submitted through Dropbox along with PP
08/22- got another 221g along with PP
08/23- E-mailed the docs
09/06-Escalated my case
09/19-Client received verification e-mail from DOS
10/02- client replied
10/06- Got an e-mail to submit the PP
10/10-Paspport submitted
10/18-case last updated date but status AP
10/24-Passport picked up .

Finally !! A break-thru

Thank you guys for all your support , I would just say , Don't lose hope Be positive, definitely you will win.

Date Added: 08/14/2017 16:07:22 PM EDT Last Updated: 10/24/2017 11:39:48 AM EDT

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oh221g     08/15/2017 00:31 AM

Interview date is 5/11/2017 or 5/11/2016?


Riya Thakur     08/17/2017 10:56 AM

It was 11th May 2017.


oh221g     10/19/2017 00:26 AM

Hi Riya

The whole world is waiting for your visa :)

 I think you will receive collect passport mail soon. Hang on tight!


Riya Thakur     08/17/2017 10:58 AM

Thank you letting me know, By mistake it was entered 2016.
btw , now I made it correct .


Rd2rx 221g     08/21/2017 09:44 AM

Hi is there any updates on visa status???


Riya Thakur     08/21/2017 10:37 AM

Hey Rd2rx 221g,

Yeah!!! Today I got another e-mail stating that they need LCA and I-129 form.


oh221g     08/28/2017 10:24 AM

Riya, sorry to hear the sad news. Please let me know the reason they mentioned for the denial!


Riya Thakur     08/28/2017 11:02 AM

Hi Oh221q,

I've not received the denial letter I just received an email from [email protected] that my case is refused under 221g and is being sent to US for reconsideration.


oh221g     08/28/2017 11:11 AM

Its very unfortunate to recieve a denial after waiting for 3 months.

To answer your questions

"does it mean denial?"
Yes , unfortunately.

What are the other options?
Since consulate mentioned that they send the case back to USCIS, it is very unlikely that you use the petition again to apply for a visa. And we are unsure about timelines USCIS takes to respond on this. The best possible option is to file a new petition with USCIS.
This is just my opinion. The best thing to do is to consult a good attorney and take their suggestion.

Wish you good luck


DineshP     08/28/2017 14:27 PM

Hi Riya,

Can you type the exact wording that you got from ustravels...since i also got the similar message so wondering did your visa actually got denied. since i guess refused is not denial.


Riya Thakur     08/28/2017 14:42 PM

Hey DineshP,


We acknowledge the receipt of your documents. Further, Your application is refused under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act for administrative processing. After administrative processing is complete, the application will be reconsidered. U.S. immigration law requires that additional steps be completed in some cases before a file can be advanced for adjudicative review.

The Department of State is continuously working to expedite visas. Please be assured that we will contact you as soon as your case is processed to conclusion. You can also check the status of your visa online at: https://ceac.state.gov/CEAC/

This is the e-mail that I received from Consulate on friday . My employer is stating that its not denial its still under AP , I'm checking with my attorney let see what's his opinion .


oh221g     08/28/2017 22:28 PM


good news is your visa is not completely refused, it is still under AP. But you said otherway yesterday. I think its good news to you


Usavisa_08     08/29/2017 02:00 AM

It seams this is new generic reply from ustraveldoc these days. Anyone also getting similar reply?


needhelp12345     09/25/2017 02:24 AM

I got the same response from ustraveldocs.

Did you get the same response while your case was under AP?


Usavisa_08     08/31/2017 06:10 AM

Riya any updates??

Any updates from your employer or attorney?


Riya Thakur     08/31/2017 11:39 AM

Hey Usavisa 08 ,

No , Not yet , still no reply .

I'm stuck here badly , don't know what is going on .

Really frustrated , more interesting is my petition is valid only Jan 2018 .


delhi 221g     09/13/2017 05:19 AM

Please advise if you have any updates on your case.



delhi 221g     09/15/2017 06:48 AM

Please advise if there is any update on your case.


Riya Thakur     09/17/2017 09:56 AM

Hey delhi221g

No , Not yet , I've not received any update yet


Riya Thakur     09/22/2017 00:57 AM

Hello Guys,

Need suggestions,
Yesterday , I came to knw that DOL sent an email to the end client regarding project verification.
Do I need to take attorney advise or End client can reply ?


oh221g     09/22/2017 23:46 PM

I think client should reply with details and that is enough. I don't think a lawyer is necessary here. But make sure that the dates and other details you have given at the time of visa interview should match with what they reply. In case if you have already hired a lawyer, there is no harm in taking his advice. Good luck!


Rd2rx 221g     09/24/2017 22:55 PM

Hi Riya,

Is there any update on your visa status?


delhi 221g     09/26/2017 05:26 AM


Is your client verification complete now?
If yes, then any other update or processing happened for your case after the client verification?



delhi 221g     10/05/2017 17:16 PM

Please advise if there is any update on your case after client verification.


Riya Thakur     10/06/2017 10:45 AM

Hey delhi221g

client verification has been done.
Today I got an e-mail from support to submit the passport at nearest vac .

I'll submit on monday. I think sat-sunday not working .


deepsum01     10/06/2017 11:01 AM

your visa will be approved by next week...Congrats !!


Rd2rx 221g     10/06/2017 11:11 AM

Congrats and all the best !!!


Riya Thakur     10/06/2017 11:17 AM

hey deepsum01 and Rd2rx 221g


Hopefully it will get approve ,

I hope your case also will be approve soon.


oh221g     10/06/2017 12:09 PM

it will be!! finally a breakthru! good luck!


rmehra     10/07/2017 01:12 AM

Congratulations Riya .I also got an email to submit passport yesterday, just checked that both embassy and vac are closed on monday because of Columbus day.If you are going to New Delhi VAC , make sure you check and confirm if they are open.


Riya Thakur     10/09/2017 01:58 AM

Hey Mehra,

Yes checked and I'll submit my pasport on Tuesday


needhelp12345     10/10/2017 05:34 AM

Hey Riya,

When you said you waited 60 days before sending an inquiry, you waited for 60 working days??


Riya Thakur     10/10/2017 10:18 AM

Hey Needhelp12345,

In my case I got first 221g in may at the time of interview asking for TAX returns and contracts , my employer had e-mailed couple of times those docs at the given e-mail but unfortunately embassy didn't receive those docs, after waiting 60 days I escalated my case at support-india they replied back with dropbox options so i submitted those docs in Aug through dropbox on 11 aug along wiht passport , on 22-aug embassy returned my docs along with 2nd 221g asking for LCA and I-129 I emailed those docs on 23-aug and I got the acknowledgement also. On sep 6 I again escalated my case and finally DOS sent an verification email to client on 19 sep , client replied on 2oct , on 6 oct I got an email from embassy asking to submit the passport , again wasted 3 days sat-sunday -monday , finally I submitted my pasport today ,

Now waiting for the next update .

this was the whole story .

I hope everyone will get an idea .


needhelp12345     10/10/2017 14:17 PM

Thank you for the reply.

I had one question - how do you escalate the case after 60 days?



needhelp12345     10/11/2017 16:42 PM

Hi Riya,

Any reply for this?


Riya Thakur     10/11/2017 17:05 PM

Hi needhelp12345,

You can send an e-mail to [email protected] asking them the status of your case . And then you can call the helpline no and ask them to escalate your case on the basis of status email.


Rdy     10/24/2017 13:14 PM

Hi Riya,


Can you pleas provide me the help line number?


Riya Thakur     10/11/2017 17:06 PM

Hi Mehra,

Did you drop the PP?

Any update on ceac website ?


wife_h4_221g     10/13/2017 14:44 PM

Mine is an H4 application, submitted passport on 5th Oct, case update date changed to Oct 6 (thats when the VAC submitted my passport to the consulate and since then no update, today oct 13)
You should get your visa stamped by mid next week max


santosh1978in     10/18/2017 00:57 AM

Hi Riya,
I have one question. With what email id DOS send email to client, if you know. I will make aware my client HR accordingly.
Thanks for your help.



Riya Thakur     10/19/2017 00:14 AM

Hey santosh,

I'm not aware abt the id but someone from DOS contacted to my client.

This was the info that I received from my employer.

That's it.


needhelp12345     10/19/2017 02:02 AM

You should receive the passport by 21st or 22nd of October :)


santosh1978in     10/21/2017 01:39 AM

Thanks and congratulations..We all understand the frustrations you must had in last 5 month.


usa221g     11/22/2017 23:37 PM


I think you will receive email from [email protected]


oh221g     10/21/2017 01:20 AM

Congratulations Riya! Finally you got it!


Riya Thakur     10/21/2017 01:25 AM

Hey oh221g

Thank you !



noamaanmohdkhan     10/21/2017 02:41 AM

Congratulations Riya!


Riya Thakur     10/24/2017 12:05 PM

Hey Noamaanmohdkhan,

Thank you so much,

and congratulations to you also ,


Rdy     10/24/2017 13:08 PM

Hi Riya,
I got 221g slip my interview was on sept 5th Vo took my client letter and employer letter at the time of interview
To whom will the embassy send an email for the verication I mean is that to the manager.
Can you please specify the time taken by the embassy to send an email to the client in your case


deepsum01     10/30/2017 11:23 AM

Congrats Riya...!!! so are you in the US?


oh221g     10/31/2017 14:21 PM

Riya, at what time you got mail to submit passport ?


oh221g     11/02/2017 00:26 AM

guys, any please tell me your opinion here. My case status date has changed to 31-Oct-2017 after 4 months of wait. I thought I will get an email to submit passport but so far i didn't recieve any.
What does this potentially mean? Does it mean that officer is still doing something on my case?


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