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Posted by: h1ab
Interview Date:
India : Chennai
Visa Center:
India : Chennai
Document Submission Date:
Passport Collected:
Status stayed 'Refused' since the interview date Feb 25th, 2020. Came under visa travel ban. Consulate and US travel docs would give same response for any enquiry via email (including medical emergency for US citizen child, travel ban exceptions), that visa is under administrative processing and nothing can be done at this point. Received email on Oct 28, 2020, that administrative processing has been completed and to submit passports at VAC, from [email protected] We have requested and gotten our passports back in August. Online visa status is still 'refused' and has not been updated since Feb 25, 2020. We have submitted passports as per their request mentioned above. On Nov 10th 2020 case status online changed from the traditional 221G message, 'Refused' to 'Administrative Processing'. On Nov 12th 2020, online status changed to 'Issued', and that the visa should arrive within 10 days.
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