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Posted by: Darknightrises
Interview Date:
India : Mumbai
Visa Center:
India : Mumbai
Document Submission Date:
Passport Collected:
Visa officer asked the following questions on 02/23/21 during my interview: -What is your position? -Where were you in June 2020? -What is your highest degree? -Subject of the highest degree? (My response "3D printing" triggered a Technology Alert List hit) -What substances do you print? Metals, carbon fiber, boron, ceramics etc. etc.? -What other technologies are you involved in? -Asked me for right hand fingerprints -Handed me a blue slip and told me my visa is on 221g hold Submitted all blue slip docs on 02/25/21. Since then the status on CEAC was "Refused." Received email to submit PP on 04/15, exactly after 7 weeks. Documents asked during PP submission in the email were PP, 797 and printed email. At the local visa center they additionally asked for the original 221g blue slip and position confirmation letter, so please carry all docs with you. CEAC date changed to 04/19 but still Refused. CEAC date changed to 04/22 and AP. CEAC date changed 04/23 and Issued. Good luck!
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