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Visiting to india US Travel document
I applied for Indian tourist visa on May 27th, 2016. It is still pending.I have kept calling CKGS and Indian Embassy almost every day but no one is responding. I am almost at the verge of crying. My travel document expires on JAN 2017. Every time I call they say I just have to wait and it will take time. does anyone have nay experience on travelling to India on travel document? It's more than two and half months ago. How long will it take? my plan to travel was on August 6 to and now I don't know when should I schedule my trip on.
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OCI reissue rule and actual implemtation of it at immigration in India
When I read about the new (and pathetically ridiculous, for lack of better phrase) requirement that mandates OCI renewal/reissue when a person renews his US passport (or any non-Indian passport for that matter) before the age of 21 or after the age of 49 it gave me a big shock! My first question was that how in the world are they going to handle this at all the international airports where thousands of NRIs are arriving every day and many of them would have their current passport that is renewed either before the age of 21 or after the age of 49, while they would not have any idea of the rule! Will the immigration officers deport them all?

So, it would be great to learn if you fall in the category (where you were required to get your OCI card/visa reissued but you did not and still traveled to India), and share your experiences at the Indian airports here.

I am curious as to whether the OCI reissue/renew requirement is only good on paper or are the immigration officers at the Indian airports aware of it and are actually deporting those who have not gotten their OCIs reissued after renewing their US passports before 21 or after 49 years of age.
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working from India on U.S. Payroll - urgent info. required!

Need urgent info.

My 6 year H1B is expiring on 27th Jan 2016. I am travelling to India on 21st Jan 2016. My GreenCard is being processed and is in the recruitement phase of Stage 1. And i will be coming back to the U.S. to work for the same company as soon as possible.

I am planning to work from India on U.S payroll.
   1. Is it legal to work from India on US. Payroll, where my salaries get credited to my u.s. bank account?
    2. I understand that i will be double taxed if i stay in India only if i stay for more that 182 days. Is this a fact?
    3. My company(x) is offering me to transfer me to an Indian company(y), where x and y belong to a parent company(Z). Should i choose to do this? and if i do what is best % of Indian Salary i can expect?

Thanks in advance


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OCI stamp on new US passport
I recently got my US passport renewed but haven't received my old passport that had the OCI stamp. I do have my OCI card.
Now i am schedule to travel shortly and wanted to check if the OCI stamp on the new US passport mandatory for traveling to India or just the OCI card sufficient?

Would appreciate any experience and suggestions.

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Need advice on the travel plan while returning US with H1B VISA
  I am staying in US with H1B VISA valid till Aug2016,i am travelling for vocation to india by this month and while returning i am breaking my journey for couple of days in kuwait to visit my brother. Will it affect my entry to US.
   One of my friend raised a doubt, that it will be a concern since the port of origin is considered to be kuwait when i break the journey in Kuwait, which is supposed to be home country-INDIA. Please advice. I have to change my travel plan and tickets too if this is true.

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Travelling on Visa expiry Date to INDIA from UK-LONDON
Hi All,

I have UK Intra company visa till 28th Sep(expires on 28th Sep), and booked travel tickets to india on 28th Sep at 21.30.
And the tickets are non refundable. Now I am just thinking on my travel.

Can I freely travel back to india without any issues.
Any help or suggestion will help me to decide
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Travelling to India when Amendment Process is in progress

I am on H1B and I work for TCS. I have my current Visa stamping, Petition and I-94 valid till 08/05/2017.

I'll be moving to a different location/client as per my new assignment. For that I need to raise the amendment request.

Meanwhile, I have a vacation plan to INDIA for 4 weeks(Oct-16th till Nov-15th).

Can someone please help me with the information , whether I can travel to India when my amendment process is in progress? Will there be any problem while coming back to US?

Please help me with this information. Many Thanks in Advance for the reply!!!!!!

Thanks and Regards,

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I have a travel coming up to India, in 2nd week of June 2015. My passport is about to expire in August 2015 and I hv applied for the renewal of passport here in US. Is there a way, I can go ahead with my planned travel if in case I don't receive my new Passport till the planned date of travel?
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Future vacations bangalore
Went in a trip with future vacations Bangalore. Nice trip arranged by them. It was a very friendly environment. Thanks to them for making my trip so enjoyable and memorable with my close one.
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Where to go in Rajasthan?
Hi, I am planning to visit India in July 2014, most of the time we will spend in Rajasthan as we have heard a lot about the state. Does anybody know the places which are awesome but not so popular, Shine Gold Tours India which is our travel agent only suggesting us cities like Jaipur, Udaipur and Pushkar but I want to go beyond that.

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