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Hello, I want to extend my Parents Visa, and what reason is appropriate for USCIS ? And If I apply online , it is going to cost 370 +85 =...

Wrong dates on GC

Hello I went for interview on Jan 30th 2019 and on the GC they have mentioned dates as Jan 2018 to 2020. And I have filed for I-90 replace...

Philly filer (c9)

Hello How long it will take to get move to the interview from the status "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview"


I have got RFE and sumbitted, The status has changed to received evidence, do you guys know how long it will take from there ?

Philly NBC

Hello, My PD is Feb 1st 2018 and no news so far not even EAD. Anybody around that PD give their experiences please. Nandu

Philly NBC

Hello Guys, PD- Feb 1st its been 124 days and no news about EAD. And the timeline was Jan 1st 2018 last week, and it moved back to Dec 10...

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Reply to: I-751

Endisnear22, Any updates.......

Reply to: I-751

Endisnear Did you get the receipt number ?

Reply to: I-751

No updates, Check is not cashed yet. Will keep you posted....

Reply to: I-751

Hey congrats After check got cashed, do you have got any updates, like receipt number etc My application had been delivered @ Arizona on ...

Reply to: I-751

Congrats! Do we have to send our Conditional GC while applying for ROC? original/copy ?

Reply to:

The dates were wrong thats why I have applied. I went to Interview on Jan 30th 2019. but my GC is good from Jan 2018 to Jan 2020. I think it...

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