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Pls I need help. How long does it take to received EAD Card after update shows Card is being mailed to to your address:: Thanks

Pls I need Urgent HELP.

Hello. NJ filers. PLS I NEED UR HELP My EAD card was sent to me Feb 28th.. got tracking number and it shows it got to Newark distribution c...


Hello everyone. It been 2 weeks my wife and I sent letters to USCIS requesting to withdraw my I-485, I-765 and other filed applications and also...

Need ur advice Fams. Thanks

Hello all.. Based on my previous post.. My Wife and I decided to call USCIS and my wife told the customer Rep on the phone she want to withdraw ...

Pls Kindly advice..

Hello GC Fams.. Have been waiting for over 2months for my biometric appointment.. Today I checked my case online and I saw Fingerprint Review Wa...


Hello my name is Donald. Pls I need ur advice on this. I recently filed to USCIS (Marriage based) as a single status because when I ap...

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Hello @SharonR765. you made a statement in one of the post here that it can take up to 2weeks to receive EAD card after status shows “card is be...

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ello Diku pls how long does it take for your EAD card to come to your mail after your case status shows “Card has been sent to you”

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Hello 2187bronx pls how long does it take for your EAD card to come to your mail after your case status shows “Card has been sent to you”

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I don’t know why the card is just there at Kearny processing center. No update since feb 28. I receive an update with tracking number from USCIS...

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#iamxavier #sassygee Did your SSN came with ur EAD card or it came separate. How long does that took to come also?

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Hi sassygee.. amxavier said in her post that she got her EAD card in 15 days which is probably 2 weeks.. Does it take that long now?? Mine is pr...

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