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Oath ceremony Portland Oregon

Did anyone get their oath ceremony re-scheduled in Portland Oregon, mine was cancelled in March and I still did not receive any update.

Portland OR Experience

Finally I can share my experience here :) I am so happy Got my interview notice and my appointment will be on February 27th, 2020 I ...

Portland Oregon Experience

Hello Everyone, personally, I filed in August 2019 and for some reason my application had been postponed twice, first it was pushed to say...

Portland Oregon estimated completed time experience

Hello Everyone, Just logged in to my account and found that the estimated completion time was increased by one month, previously it used to...

Any experience from Portland Oregon Office?

Hi Everyone, Anyone who can share with us a recent experience for applying/getting US citizenship from the Portland Oregon office will be ...

Estimated Completion Time?

Hi, I am not sure if it is okay to ask this question here, but anyone who has an online application check their "estimated completion ...

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same exactly :)

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Yes I can.. When I applied August 1st,, wait time 5 month, completion time Feb2020 2 month later (exaclty September 24th),,,, w...

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OMG, just got status update that say interview has been scheduled :) I think u will get next month

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Are you applying from Portland too?

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Both, what about you? Can you please share your experience

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Hey, I am in the same boat as you, I applied beginning of August and my case says June2002, when I applied the estimation time was Feb2020...

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