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Anyone filed H1b in premium processing

I have filed for my H1B at Vermont service center in Premium Processing on June 18th. Does anyone know if there is a delay of more than 15 days ...

L1B - F1- H1

I was on L1B for 2.5 years in US. I went to India to get F1 and came back to US in 3 months. After that I never left US. I got my H1b in 2016. D...

Any H1b approval on manager (non technical) positions ?

Has anyone had any approval from USCIS without RFE for product manager/product owner roles ? Roles that are non technical and do not fall under ...

H1B transfer

Hi, I was in India on vacation for a month and I was on leave without pay. My employer did not generate the paystub, hence. For my H1B tra...

Please sign this petition for change

Not sure how much this would help but worth giving a try.

Cancel visa stamping in Mumbai and reapply in Canada

I came to Mumbai for my H1b stamping for the first time. I got 221g. I work for EVC model and I'm stuck here since a month. There has been n...

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I think it is counted.

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Raja is right. EVen if you get 221g, it will be cleared just that you and your client should be ok to wait till that time. They may do client ve...

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It is not an issue. If they ask, you can say by mistake you gave incorrect dates.

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Yes. I have the paystub until May 15. But I was on vacation from May 1-May 26. So, may 31 paystub is not generated as it was leave without pay. ...

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write to me on [email protected]

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I just submitted one word document that listed my projects and description.

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