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RFE Status Update with USCIS

How long should I wait for USCIS to change the status on a RFE from 'RFE sent' to 'Response Received'? Got an RFE on expired me...

GC file for Parents

Hello, I have a few questions related to the GC filing for parents when the child is a US Citizen. Will appreciate any help and any inputs ...

Renewing EAD, I-765 form

On Page 2 of 7, I-765 form, section 12 - 'have you previously filed form I-765', do we have to give details/dates so as to when you have...

Question on: I-765 form expiring May 2020

I got a question. Current I-765 form expires on 05/31/2020. Any idea what the new I-765 form might contain or how different it can be? I h...

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Reply to: GC file for Parents

ya, consider the time gap between vaccines. thanks pam2002 for the reminder.

Reply to: GC file for Parents

hello DallasTXN400, You can submit I-130 online if you want. Not sure if that date will be considered as priority date. I submitted both ap...

Reply to: GC file for Parents

Thankyou again!

Reply to: GC file for Parents

Thanks Pam2022! One question: Filing for parents GC and receiving respective receipt numbers, automatically means their AOS is in pending s...

Reply to: GC file for Parents

Hello Pam2022 and Pwhat, So, once you have applied (submitted all necessary forms, paperwork, medical report) for parents green c...

Reply to: GC file for Parents

please also let me know what supporting documents did you submit from your side when you created the file. thanks.

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