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San Francisco FO

Anyone with recent interviews in San Francisco? PD August 2020, Ready to Schedule since November 2020. I hear some people with PD March 2020 sti...

San Francisco FO

Has anyone been scheduled for an interview recently? I know there were a couple of people on this forum waiting with a PD of February 2020. Tryi...

San Francisco

Any updates for San Francisco filers? Hopefully with California formally reopening this week we will see cases and interviews move faster?

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Reply to: San Francisco FO Scheduling

This worries me. Same AOS profile as you and field office is San Francisco. PD August 2020, ready to schedule since November 2020.

Reply to: any one share San Francisco interview experience

I just saw someone with a May 2020 PD get scheduled for an interview in San Jose (marriage based). You guys are both March 2020. Any u...

Reply to: San Francisco interview scheduled

What is your “ready to schedule interview” date?

Reply to: any one share San Francisco interview experience

There seems to be some movement in SF which is very encouraging. @vabeh98 and @vedant1990: when did your status change to ready to schedule inte...

Reply to: San Francisco

I just saw (on another forum) someone with a PD of March 2020 get scheduled for a 485 interview in San Francisco. That seems encouragi...

Reply to: San Francisco

Do we know if they are conducting any I-485 interviews? I haven’t seen any updates.

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