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Processing Time for Visitor Visa

Can some one please share his experience for canada visa processing time.

i have applied visitor visa for my spouse +Son visa from india

Biomatrices done:-29-Apr

but still no update.
Can some one please tell me , how much time will take...
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I sent my passport to CVAC NY on 10th of February 2022 for stamping and it reached to CVAC NY on 11th February 2022 in the morning, I still haven't got my tracking id for passport, its been more than 11 working days. I am little worried now, as I have to travel by the end of March so need my passport.
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Canada visa application center, New York
I have sent my passport to CVAC Canada on 10th February 2022, its been more than 10 days I still haven't got my tracking ID. I have escalated my case but still no reply from CVAC New York.

I need to travel to India by the end of March so need my passport, don't know what to do?
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Need visa urgently to visit India
My brother is getting married and I don't have an Indian visa. I have an American passport and just saw they suspended e-visa for tourists. The website is not letting me make an appointment for regular visa after filling out application form. Anyone have experience applying for emergency visa for situations outside of medical/illness? Any insight is appreciated!
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Glitch in DS 160
When updating the DS160 form, the form times out at the passport section.
On attempting to retrieve the application, the questions asked are not the
ones which were initially selected, and hence it's impossible to retrieve
the form.
I attempted to retrieve the form twice, thinking it could have been an oversight on my
part, but it does appear that there is a glitch in the system or program.
Anyone having a similar problem? Am I missing something?
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Entry Visa X1 to India
Hi, has anyone applied for X1 Entry Visa to travel to India.? We are recent citizens of the US without an OCI card. We have travel to India in February. Looking for Visa options. E-visa and travel visa had been suspended. The only option we have is entry Visa X1 category. It will be great if anyone can share their experience. Thanks
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Vawa’s approval
Hey everyone plz let’s take some of your idea and let’s speak about my case that stress me out a lot !

Just want to know some of your evidence that you applied for vawa and tell me what you think about mine . Or how likely would be,
I have been abused mentally and emotionally and physical and Financial

Mentally and emotionally ( I got letter from my Psychologist saying that the abuser Caused mentally problem , and I have pics and text )

Physical I been abused physically once then I straight applied for vawa ( do the Uscis ask for more physical abused or one is enough? I do have pic )

Financial I have texts asking a lot of money from me and I explain that she took a lot of money from my back account without Permission )
And I have letters maybe 4-6 from frineds and Neighbors explained how she Isolated me and how she was controlling me

Your idea mean a lot to me
What do you think about me case ?

And what I have are enough?
Thank u for your time
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Birth Certificate RFE
Hi All,

My I-485 Petition was processed less than a week, and they requested for my Birth Certificate , unfortunately i don't have it handy with me in the States. I have also submitted my passport, School certificate with the original petition.

I'm trying to see what are the options to get a Birth Certificate in US, for an Indian citizen?

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Can i reschedule my visa appointment with new passport details
Can i reschedule my visa appointment with new passport details.

I have scheduled my visa appointment in Chennai, later i realized that my KIDs passport is getting expired soon and applied new passport in USA and got it now. Can i reschedule my appointment using new passport. Do i need to create a new application and add it to the appointment.
Please help me.
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Start and Expiration dates in ustraveldocs for L1B-Blanket

I was provided with old dates by attorney to book visa appointment which I mentioned in the US Visa appointment booking. Now in the I-129S the start and expiration dates are different. Can we modify them by any means ? Does the OFC centre will be able to modify them ?

Any information will be helpful, thanks in advance.

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