2021 Top Green Card Sponsors, Job Titles, and Industries

The top Green Card sponsors for 2021 was nearly neck-and-neck between two tech giants: Microsoft Corporation, and Amazon.com Services LLC. Microsoft filed 4,695 petitions for Green Cards in 2021, followed closely by Amazon at 4,675 petitions. The third-greatest number of Green Card petitions was filed by Google LLC, at 2,970 petitions in 2021.

Top 10 Green Card Sponsors in 2021

Sponsor NameNumber of PetitionsAverage Salary
1. Microsoft Corporation4,695$133,957.68
2. Amazon.com Services LLC4,675$107,399.65
3. Google LLC2,970$126,481.48
4. Tata Consultancy Services Limited1,792$129,702.53
5. Apple Inc.1,166$158,184.06
6. Intel Corporation1,121$105,476.98
7. Amazon Web Services Inc.747$106,545.95
8. Capgemini America Inc.573$107,906.39
9. Nvidia Corporation563$162,693.60
10. JP Morgan Chase Co.544$131,893.45

Top Job Titles for Green Card Sponsorship in 2021

As has remained the trend for some time now, information technology jobs dominated the number of petitions filed for Green Card sponsorship in 2021. IT job titles represent four of the top five positions, and six of the top ten. Other job titles include those in academia, logistics and transport, and manual labor.

Top 10 Green Card Sponsorship Job Titles in 2021

Job TitleNumber of PetitionsAverage Salary
1. Software Engineer9,540$129,293.18
2. Software Developer3,191$108,451.36
3. Software Development Engineer II2,726$109,591.68
4. Senior Software Engineer1,783$139,188.63
5. Assistant Professor1,032$110,539.21
6. Landscape Laborer859$25,202.25
7. Software Development Engineer739$117,801.03
8. Truck Driver709$39,806.34
9. Developer703$111,463.18
10. Technical Lead603$116,426.29

2021 Green Card Sponsors by Industry

As illustrated by the preceding job titles, companies in various sectors of the information technology industry made up the vast majority of Green Card sponsors in 2021. Other industries represented include education and engineering.

Top 10 Green Card Sponsors by Industry in 2021

IndustryNumber of PetitionsAverage Salary
1. Custom Computer Programming Services20,156$111,970.79
2. Computer Systems Design Services6,185$123,596.11
3. Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order Houses5,754$107,815.89
4. Software Publishers3,673$133,814.53
5. Software Publishers3,252$134,280.37
6. Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools2,791$102,351.20
7. Electronic Computer Manufacturing2,296$151,698.85
8. Other Computer-Related Services2,146$110,792,.34
9. Computer Systems Design and Related Services1,919$116,867.63
10. Engineering Services1,587$101,074.37

Find a complete list of the top Green Card sponsors, job titles, industries, and other data here.

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