2021 Top H1B Sponsors and H1B Visa Job Titles

Cognizant Technology Solutions once again led the pack in H1B sponsorships in 2021, filing 12,681 H1B petitions during the calendar year. The Teaneck, New Jersey-headquartered IT and consulting company has been one of the top H1B sponsors in the US for many years, and filed nearly 3,000 more H1B petitions than second-ranked Tata Consultancy Services, which filed 9,823 H1B petitions in 2021.

Top 10 H1B Visa Sponsors in 2021

Sponsor NameNumber of PetitionsAverage Salary
1. Cognizant Technology Solutions12,681$92,765.87
2. Tata Consultancy Services Limited9,823$79,940.78
3. Google LLC9,428$157,428.51
4. Amazon.com Services LLC8,846$126,110.99
5. Microsoft Corporation7,329$145,731.98
6. Facebook Inc.6,097$175,816.43
7. Ernst & Young US LLP5,792$128,351.29
8. Infosys LTD5,634$86,202.84
9. Apple Inc.4,239$164,994.80
10. HCL America Inc.4,113$99,006.57

2021 H1B Job Titles with Most Petitions

In terms of H1B sponsor job titles, the greatest number of H1B petitions in 2021 was for Software Engineers, followed closely by Software Developers. These two job titles each had roughly three times the number of petitions as that of any other job title. Outside of information technology, other top H1B visa job titles were in the fields of economics, academia, and architecture.

Top 10 H1B Job Titles in 2021

Job TitleNumber of PetitionsAverage Salary
1. Software Engineer26,391$129,825.09
2. Software Developer21,183$98,953.82
3. Senior Software Engineer7,644$134,451.69
4. Senior Systems Analyst Jc604,673$82,475.62
5. Manager Jc504,588$99,303.09
6. Assistant Professor4,385$119,301.07
7. Architect3,190$110,188.84
8. Associate3,019$103,654.46
9. Analyst2,783$94,702.23
10. Senior Sql Database Administrator2,700$79,798.90

View a complete breakdown of 2021 H1B sponsorship statistics here.

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