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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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WWICS - Immigration services company
Please do not deal with WWICS. Their fees is very high but their service stinks. I had one of the worst experiences of my life with them. Trust me you dont want to have anything to do with them. I was anxious about applying for a greencard and was looking for well established company who have done the greencard process so many times that it had become a routine process for them. They messed it up so many times that INS returned my papers many times. When I asked them apply for my advance parole they delayed and dragged their leg on it and sent it to wrong center that I could not go to India for my own wedding.
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485 approved.
My 485/adjustment of status has been approved. I was very surprised that it went by so fast. We filed it on march 12'th 2004 and got it approved Dec 10'th. Hope you all have a fast approval too.

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still waiting after 7 years of bad luck....
I have a priority date for 1997 when I filed for a labor certification. Firstly everything that could have gone wrong has, first they told me I was going to be denied unless my employer could prove that there was a viable job, which held up my case, so after it was approved my I140 and I485 took forever. Then immigration send me a letter telling me my case was now denied due to failure to show up for my fingerprinting appointment, which turned out to be there fault because they had screwed up my receipt number with somebody elses, but it still once again held me up for close to a year. I and my employer have filled out more forms than we know what to do with, they have both our tax forms dating back years and I am still waiting for my last and final interview. Hoping it will be soon but with my luck something will go wrong but i will not give up, i've come too far, I have built my life here in the amount of time this has taken. So if you are worried about the the delay your case is taking please realize that its not you, its the system you are in thats so time consuming....
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Change of Status
Dear Friend,

I’m a foreign citizen married to a US Citizen. We filled for change of status on January 2004 I485 and I-140 concurrent file.
I got my SSN and Work Permit and the filling when trough OK. As today 6/24/04 we have some hard problems as couples that involve her using drugs and acting careless (Thing that I did not know before married her). I try to get counsel and her rehab but she is getting worse.

My intention is try to get her to a rehab and get her clean but she refuses, if I proceed legally to do so would I loose my process or there is something in the law that will help me.

My other option is harder:

File for divorce and separate, I heard that in case of domestic abuse the abused person immigrant could file for divorce a keep their status until the BCIS approve change of status. Could be this be my case.



PS is there any way that I could email you directly on the site or seek others similar experience, your site is very good thanks for doing such a nice job.
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Business on EAD?
I got my labor clearance and have filed for EAD for my wife and self. My wife wants to start a small business once she gets her EAD. Does any one know if she can do a business with EAD or she has to do a job only?

Will appreciate your help & experience in this matter.

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Waiting for decision from INS...
Hi, This is Jay and living in Maryland, USA... I'm in confusion for my GC.. caz..My I485 Receipt Date is on July'12 on EB2 Catagory and Still I did't get any responce from INS..

My Labour cleared on Mar 2001 and 140 was cleared on November 15th.. But I applied I-485 on July 12th.. I don't know what is happining with INS and still waiting for approval notice..

When I read the following... I'm in dialama.. caz.. first guy got his GC in May 2003 (Receipt date is in Jun 2002)... and Second guy also got his GC in OCtober 2003 (Receipt date is in March 2003)... But I still see the processing applications date from INS is Jan/15/2003... I don't undersatend, what is happining with my application.. Could any one can clear me in this regard..

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I485 Approved - after interview in Newark
Employment based GC application
EB2 Category
I-485 - March 22nd 2002- Vermont
FP Jul. 31, 2002
Approval (I-551 stamp) Oct-3rd, 2003

Interview was at 9am but they called me around 11am. He asked me to take OATH first. Then he asked me if I have any criminal record or any medical problems. Then he asked for employment letter first and checked the job description because of my portability (change of employment AC-21). He took my I-94 and EAD from me. Before he stamp on my passport he want to see original birth certificate of me and my family. He didn't ask for pay-stub,W2 or Tax returns. He was very friendly. The whole process took 35 to 40 minutes I guess.
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I-485 approved, sharing experience
Hey all,

Got my Green Card approved yesterday (May 15th, 2003). I received a leter from the INS about 3 weeks back saying that I have to appear for an interview in Newark,NJ.

Some background info for you guys:

Employment based GC application
EB3 Category
Filed in Feb 2001
Labor cleared on Jan. 2002
I-140 cleared on Mar. 2002
Applied for I-485 Jun. 2002
Received EAD & AP on Jul. 1, 2002
FP Jul. 11, 2002
I-485 approval May 15,2003

I also have a misdemeanor criminal record from my days in college (10 yrs. ago)

My lawyer got me riled up because I used to live in NJ and moved to NY. He said that because I moved they might stop the interview and transfer the case to NY office since it officially falls under their jurisdiction. I was a bit worried about this since we all know how frustrating it is to wait in a line and endure the stupidity and red tape of the INS. I just hoped that they would not transfer the case to New York and then I would have to wait another 6 months.

Anyway, I had my interview scheduled for 1.30pm. I arrived around 12.45pm just to be safe. I was finally called in around 2.30pm. Make sure you bring a book with you to pass the time. I walked in the office and the officer made me sign a form and took my fingerprints. Then we walked to his cubicle and he made me take the "oath" to tell the truth blah blah blah, and proceeded to conduct the interview.

I shouldn't call it an interview because he barely asked me any questions. He asked for a recent paystub, a current employment letter from my company, my EAD card and the new medical exam that I had to take. He asked me where I lived and I gave my Manhattan, NY address and he just asked "you moved?". Luckily I made a copy of the AR-11 Change of address form when I mailed it in December. This I think was some what of a saving grace. He went and spoke to another colleague at which point I got a little worried. He came back and said that they would change the address on the application manually because if they transferred the case to NYC then it would take another 6 mos. for me to get another interview. I thanked him for that. He also asked me if I had ever been arrested and I answered "yes", but he did not ask me to give details. He then changed the address on the application and then stamped my passport which basically meant that I had my green card. He said the card will come in the mail within 6 mos. The guy wasn't exactly very jovial but he was friendly yet stern. I didn't give him more documentation than he asked for and I did not divulge any extraneous information than what was asked.

Well that's my experience, atleast its all over now. Good luck to all of you guys.
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