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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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I-485 adjustment of status
Anyone know how to change the household size total column that is auto populated to “1?”
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Sacramento i 485
Interview scheduled guys. PD 07/05/2019.
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Anyone know how to ask Emma interview date when scheduled.
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Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing well. I’m married to LPR and marriage is less than 2 year. I received a green card for 10 years instead of 2 year conditional. Is anyone have similar situation?

Please advise. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you.
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Three times denial
3 denials from uscis 1-485 and I-130
I will make this brief , I will go straight to the point because it’s a long story.
It all started Nov 2017.first application got denied because my ex wife got into jail, I went to the interview alone. January 2019 the case was appealed but got denied.
 I divorced my ex wife and got married that same year and applied all over again with the lady that had a son for me when my ex wife was incarcerated.
Application date august 2019
No ead approved , only finger print that I went for Nov 2019, Ref on dec 2019 , Ref submitted January 2020 my lawyer forgot to submit the requested form as he submitted the package. Ref received February 1st 2020. 10 of June 2020 I called the uscis asking about the progress of the application. If they can atleast give me an update on my ead application. They phone was hanged up on me when talking to the lady . After 2 weeks June 26 2020 I got a letter of denial . That the requested form wasn’t submitted along with the package . Second reason not a Bonafide marriage. I was devastated, my lawyer screwed me . He apologized and advised me not to appeal that I should start a new application. He paid 50percent of the application fee.
August 2020 filed for I-485 and I-30 with tons of evidence and the omitted form that was requested on the last application.
Oct 2020 finger print reused
Nov 2020 Ref requested
Nov 2020 Ref received
Dec 2020 ead approved
Dec 2020 ready to schedule for interview
Feb 2021 changed again as of today , ready to schedule interview.
June 2021 interview scheduled for July 20 2021
Went to interview with my son and wife ,no major question asked . She only asked where we met, and my recent tax and both proof of current address.
July 21 Case changed to I-485 and I-30 case approved.
July 22 card has been mailed.
To God be the Glory! Just trust in God.
Never give up in life. When ever you fall down pick yourself back up and be courageous. When there is life, there is hope!
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Interview scheduled in 3weeks and still have not yet received either my EAD or Social Security Card
I have been scheduled for interview but not yet received my EAD or Social Security card, it does not even show it’s been processed. Anyone with similar experience should kindly share with me. Thank you
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Green Card Approval
I had my interview yesterday and was approved few hours.
Glory be God.

guys thank you all for your support.

Expedite process for all of you guys…
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i485 in Newark interview tomorrow.
Any advice ?
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Seattle green card
Hello Folks,
Hope all is well.
So here is my long story short Married to US citizen
1.PD 2019 August
2. Biometrics 2019 September
3. RFE Birth certificate october
4. Response to RFE recieved Oct 2019
5.Case is ready for interview Nov 2019
6. EAD received feb 2020
7.EAD renewed
......................! 1 and half year of silence........
8. Interview is scheduled June 2021
9.Interview on July 2021
10. Case is approved within 1 hr after the interview
I hope thats it .Still waiting for Physical GC in mailbox

But this journey was long OMG..Thanks to this awesome group .I would suggest who ever have completed the interview please post the uodates here,it would be a great help for those in waiting game.
Thanks GUYS ..
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EAD renewal
Good day all, hopefully someone had had the same case as your advice will be highly appreciated.. I was scheduled for I485 interview in December 2020 in my previous state of residence which I moved out of in June 2020 and updated my new address.. so I called to reschedule the interview since we had moved. But unfortunately they end up denying my case for not showing up.. before then I had filed for my EAD renewal early December 2020. In February 2021 I received a denial letter that my I 485 wasn't pending anymore. I had filed for motion to reopen the case in January 2021. At the moment it got approved to be reopen but my EAD had expired in April 2021. My question do I stand a chance to get another EAD or should I send in a renewal.. what is my best option of getting it before another scheduled interview?
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