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Advance Parole

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Lost Advance Parole

Could anyone tell me what happens if you lose your original Advance Parole and you have no copies of it. I can't find my advance parole and I am due to travel out by end of nov. Is it possible to replace AP?
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advance parole and "period of unlawful stay"
I have now found out that as we processed my "Adjustment of status and app for permanent residence" after my visa waiver (uk) expired this may be grounds for refusal of my AP or on my way back in immigration may choose just not to allow me entry.

The "formal wedding" is really looking doubtful at this point - see posting beneath....

Does anyone have any knopwledge /experience....I would really appreciate the advice....
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Advance Parole
I got married in the US but I am scheduled to go back to have my "formal wedding" and it looks like my AP will not arrive in time because of the name changes and my check being returned and re-submitted.

Do you need AP to leave the country? Do they check it on the way out or on the way in? Can I get it sent on do you know?

If I can't then I may have to cancel the wedding.
Any experiences would really be appreciated as having a hard time getting answers from the attorneys
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travelling on ap
i want to travel abroad on advance i 140 is still pending..i submitted for visa revalidation but my papers came back bcas of lack of some i cant resubmit them bcas the office is closed.. i need to travel to my native country ..its an emergency..will i have any problem in reentering? if u have any experience like this..plz share it..thanks in advance.bye.
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I was given the scare tactics back in December - so I didn't apply for my AP. Told that even if I did have my AP it was no guarantee I'd be permitted back into the USA. I am waiting for my adjustment of status to be processed (18months now), was not here illegally. When I was scheduled for my fingerprinting for the FBI check, I thought for sure I'd finally have my appointment. But no such luck. So here it is, june 17, I applied for my AP and it shows them taking 90-120 days to process. My daughter's HS graduation is next friday in Canada and it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to go. I'm heartbroken. I've called everyone, senators, congressmen, etc. Nothing. No one can help me. I just want to go to this milestone in my only daughters life. I'm just sick about all of this. I have a wonderful husband, a great job and a house here in IL...but I'm separated from my child. BTW. if you apply online, do NOT call to make an appointment for your pictures and prints as it says on the receipt. It is an error. You must sent a copy of the receipt, two pictures, and a coverletter of why you should be granted AP to the address shown at the bottom of the confirmation receipt. I made the mistake of following the directions on the receipt and it cost me over a week in processing time...and 3 hours of driving to a application support center. Not to mention the hideously rude treatment I received at the support center.
If you have any thoughts of travelling at all....apply right away.
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And for heaven's sake , don't lose your AP
yes... that's true. For heaven's sake , do not lose it. Once lost and you are not in US, you cannot reenter US. The original is a must. You cannot do away with copies. My experience has been that I had to apply for a replacement AP at the local INS office before I left US for an emergency visit. Luckily for me, the local INS center was close to where I live.
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Filed - AP in Jan 29th
The notice date for my AP is 29th Jan 2004.
What do you think when should my AP should be arriving ?
I want to go and stay with my parents and family for some time. Do some one know when should I expect it and I am not filing for new H-1 visa.
Is it safe for me in all respects?
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Advance Parole

I travelled using advance parole very recently (Mar 8 2004) and there were no problems at the port of entry!

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Goping out of US on AP
Hi all

Some of my friends did try to scare me telling me that even if I have AP, I should not go outside US because the immigration officers will find some or other problem with your status and this may cause problems in further processing of your GC.

I want to tell all the users that this is just a myth. I just came from India. Showed my AP at the airport and they did not ask me a single question.

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Advance Parole is Multiple Entry
Please note that when you get advance parole, it is multiple entry. You can go out of US and come back in as many times as you want, within the validity of period of Advance Parole.
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