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H1 visa employer sponsor greencard
There are millions of sites available on web but I did not see any site talking about H-1b and US Masters degree. Apparently, Bush Administration is focusing on Immigration issues these days and timing is the key. I urge all US Masters degree holders to lobby and force US INS to grant immedaite permanenet residency status to all Foreigners who came here earned their Bachelors & Masters and worked 6 years as an H-1b visa holder. It is not fair that after spending almost 10 years they have to leave simply becasue of poor economic condition here in US and their green card is pending with INS. I think this site should strongly raise this issue.
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A dog's life
I though this may help you understand how bad experiences can be with the INS. Be patient and read bullets.

1. Joined company in 1996 (Promised to file GC in 3 months but....)
2. Company appointed a new Atorney after 8 months.
3. Attorney review H1 ( No damn match with what I did at work --- Company used blanket JD for lower pay scale)
4. Ammended H1 ( ANother 2 months lost).
5. Files GC ( File from NJ godforseken place for GC -- Refuse to file from PA when we already have office there).
6. Next 2 1/2 year file not over opened in NJ ( Royally screwed ).
7. Then realized in 1999 there is something called RIR which can now be used.
8. Got a new Attorney and filed RIR from PA ( Jumped thru hoops to get this approved by company)
9. RIR approved in 2 months ( Filed I140 )
10. Almost everthing by myself including advising attorney to do Educational evaluation as a precautionary measue to avoid RFE on EB2.
11. Just missed the wave and had to wait 8 1/2 months for I140 approval.
12. Educated about CP thru web site ( Advised Attorney to change to CP ).
13. I140 approvel but took almost 1 34/4 month to reach NVC - INS advised that file maybe lost.
14. Finaly file reached NVC but screwed up EB category to EB3 VS EB3.
15. Unable to get attorney to call NVC for 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, finally drafted and faxed letters myself.
16. Company refuses to deal with Attorney as they have other cases with him.
17. Fired Attorney and just appointed a new Attorney.
18. NVC advised that File has been shipped back to INS for correction ( GOD knows how long)
19. Old attorney still draging his feet in returning files.

I have till Feb 2001 when my H1 runs out ( But my dates are currect)

So this tell me isn't his worse than a Dog's life or some of you have some worse stories than this.

This may all be worth it if I can make it before FEB 2001.
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