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Employment Based Greencard

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Wait is over
I have been a silent watcher of this group. This group has given me lot of perspective and hope in last 3.5 years.

So its my turn to share my experience
Category : EB1C India
Priority Date: May 17
EAD & AP Received: Aug 2017
140 Approval : April 2018
Case moved to field office in May 18
Interview : July 18
EAD/ AP Renewal : July 19
Medical RFE : 08/18/20
RFE response received: 08/27/20
Card Ordered: 9/10/20
Card Mailed Notification : 9/15/20
485 Approved: 9/16/20
Card received :9/17/20

Best of Luck guys, keep patience. My best wishes
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Thank God! My journey finally come to an end. It's been 3yrs+ processed. From F1 to GC..
INTERVIEW - 12/12/19
I-485j approval- a week after
CP- 9/4/20

The end. God is good all the time.
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Greencard Received!
I just want to thank this platform for all the shared experiences, encouragements and tips. We got our greencard today. Here is my timeline:
6/2019- I-485 received
9/11/2019-EAD combo card received
1/2020- interview scheduled
2/2020 - interview date
9/4/2920 -card production
9/10/2020- case approved
9/11/2020 - card mailed
9/16/2020 - received greencard.

Good luck to all who are still waiting! 🙏
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Still waiting
Hi all need input on my situation still waiting for some news regarding my case
Pd dec 2017
Texas service center
Interview done march2019
Dates are current from August don’t know why no feedback after calling & SR
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Hey guys
I want know if anyone is the same situation. Our case didn't change the status since 229 days ago.


Classification: E11
PD: 09/27/2019
File I140: 09/27/2019
Approved I140: 10/10/2019
Filed I 485 and I765 and I131: 12/20/2020
Finger Print: 01/31/2020
Approved EAD combo card: 06/17/2020
Card Produce EAD: 06/18/2020
Delivery EAD: 07/09/2020
Interview: ??

I don't have news for my interview.
This forum has been amazing for us. Thank you all for always share info and news.

Lets keep praying!!! Will be done soon, thanks god.
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EB3 ROW Timeline
Hello guys,
I am sharing my experience. I have been a silent reader most of the time and this forum have helped me a lot to understand and to h e hope:
PD: March 2019
File I 140: October 2019
Approved I 140: begging December
Filed I 485 and I 765 and I 131: December 18
Approved EAD combo card : January 8 2020
Card produce: Sep 4
Case approved : sep 11
Card was mailed : Sep 11
Waiting for my card.
Good luck all, and thank you
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EB1C Timelines
This forum has been an invaluable resource throughout my journey so I wanted to give back:

PD: 12/4/2015

EB1C - India

I-140 Filed mid June 2019 (can't remember exact date unfortunately)
I-140 approved: 12/31/2019
I-485 filed: 2/20/2020
I-765 and I-131 approved: 5/7/2020
RFE for medicals: 6/3/2020
RFE received: 7/13/2020
Biometrics: 8/5/2020
EAD Combo Card Mailed: 8/13/2020
Card Production: 8/28/2020
Card Approved: 8/31/2020
Card Mailed: 9/8/2020
Card Received: 9/9/2020

God Bless and good luck to all those waiting.
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Estimated timeline for EB1C AOS
Just wondering what timelines I can expect (knowing that every case is somewhat unique):

Currently on L1A
PD: 10/4/2019
Applied for AOS under EB1C
Country of birth: current

I-140 Approved after RFE: 6/28/20
I485 receipt: 7/16/20
Biometric completed: 8/25/20

When can I expect next step?
Thank you in advance
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Finally it's over.
For awhile now, I've been a silent and avid reader of this forum, somewhat deriving some comfort from other people's experiences while waiting for me green card. Thank God it is finally over.

Here's the timeline of my green card journey:
Priority date: 7/30/2019
Received date: 7/30/2019, Concurrent filing for I-140, I-485, I-765, I-131.
9/6/2019-Biometrics Appointment
9/24/2019-Approval for I-140
11/28/2019-Case transferred to NBC
1/7/2020-EAD card and advanced parole received
4/29/2019- RFE for medical
5/11/2020- RFE response received
8/3/2020 Interview notice received.
8/31/2020- Green card interview. Was approved on the spot as priority date was current.
9/1/2020-Status changed to I-485 petition was approved
9//10/2020-Card was mailed to me.
9/12/2020 Received Green Card
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Yes I touched it, finally the Physical GC.
Yes its over its over: I touched it and I smelled it , got emotional when I opened the priority mail envelope, yeah it was there it looked green with my name on it. All the memories rushed into my mind, the flashbacks of almost 9 yrs, those hard times, struggle, pain, cry, job loss, losing H1b status, jobless for months, change of status from one to another, change of jobs, RFE, the fear of losing status, anxieties, sleepless nights etc etc. what a painful ride. I can write novel about its journey. Thank God it's finally over. I hope you all get yours too. sorry for writing too much just got emotional.

EB3/ROW PD: 1/21/2019
RD: 6/21/2019
interview: 2/20/2020( case not approved at the spot because of retrogression on March)
Online status after interview: Interview was completed and case must be reviewed PD became current :

Card Produced/ CP: 8/28/2020
Card Approved/ CA:8/31/2020
Approval Notice/ AN:9/03/2020
Card Mailed/ CM:9/08/2020
Card Delivered/CD:9/11/2020

Hit me for any questions I would be happy to help. Good luck and all the best.
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