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Plshelpdonald     09/17/2019 19:32 PM

Hello GC Fams.. Have been waiting for over 2months for my biometric appointment.. Today I checked my case online and I saw Fingerprint Review Was Completed As of August xx 2019, we completed our review of your fingerprints and are working on your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number MSCxxxxxxxxxx, at our National Benefits Center location. We will let you know if we make a decision or need anything from you.,

PLS WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.. is it like am not going to hav a biometric appointment or What is happening? PLS I NEED URGENt ADVICE.

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NfrmNY     09/17/2019 22:15 PM

If that’s renewal for EAD or AP - they’re usually using those one from biometrics you’ve done when you just file case.


Cafui2009     09/17/2019 23:19 PM

If is new application then the officer mistakenly updated your another person reciept number ... but if is RENEW OF ead don't worry.. but if is new application . If is me I will go to nearest ASC OFFICE and take your receipts along and tell them maybe you can have the finger print and they get it fix


marinpink510     09/18/2019 07:01 AM

Since you mentioned that you are waiting for your Biometric Appointment for sure it was a mistake from their side updating your status. So I suggest you call USCIS explain to them that you didn’t go for your appointment yet.

And also if it is new application raise an SR for your fingerprint....I know waiting is a part of process...just call them so you know what is the progress of your case to reduce your anxiety. God Bless and I hope you will get yours soon.


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