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Family Based Greencard

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Greencard for Parents
Hi all,

I am a US citizen (Born in India) and applied green card for my parents.

Submitted - I130, I131, I485, I693, I765 and Biographic information.

04/11 - Application submitted
04/18 - Case received
05/12 - Scheduled for bio-metric appointment (biometrics completed)
05/13 - RFE sent requesting for birth certificate and B2 Visa - stamped with US entry details.

My question is my parents don't have birth certificate and they are born before 1960 in small villages. What is the alternative acceptable documentation? It is specified a letter from government agency (probably I am thinking MRO) would be enough. Also if this is not available they requested for affidavits. Did any of you provided affidavit? Let me know how you responded and it will be very helpful for me.

Thanks in advance.

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VISA help
Hi all

I am looking to move to the states as my 2 year daughter is a U.S. Citizen (was born in the U.S.)
The only problem is I don't know which visa or green card I need...?
I heard there is a way I can get a green card because she is a U.S. Citizen. Without waiting until she's 21.
I would like to get everything done before she starts school.

If anyone know any information please help
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green card help
Hi all,

I was hoping someone could tell me what this means. I moved to America in April 2016 after all my documents were accepted. I even paid the USCIS fee a month before moving here but when i check my case status it still says "my case was approved".what does this mean and how long does it take to get a green card after this message as it has already been 60 days and i am in urgent need of the card as i have to travel abroad.

any help is highly appreciated.
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My journey!
Here goes kids:

September 6, 2014: get married
March 13, 2015: file I-130
June 18, 2015: Immigration suspended (RFE)
August 2, 2015: RFE submitted
August 24, 2015: I-130 approved
August 25, 2015: IV payments processed
October 27, 2015: DS-260 submitted
October 29, 2015: DS-260 application confirmed
November 24, 2015: Document package sent to NVC by Attorney
December 1, 2015: NVC confirms receipt of documents
January 11, 2016: RFE by NVC received
January 19, 2016: NVC confirms RFE sent
February 27, 2016: Packet 4 received - interview scheduled for April 15, 2016
April 11, 2016: Attend Medical appointment in Montreal, QC
April 12, 13, 14, 2016: Wander around Montreal....nervously
April 15, 2016: Attend US Consulate in Montreal (DENIED at first, citing inadequate financial sponsors - kindly point out I have 3 sponsors - Interviewer changes application to APPROVED)
April 21, 2016: Passport with Visa, and Immigration Package, in my hot little hands!!

Now the fun part....selling my house in Winnipeg, and getting across the border!!
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F2A - dates heading towards a retrogress ?
Hi Guys,

is anyone worried about the may 2016 visa dates ? as the F2A category has just moved by 10 days !! I hope this is not a trend resulting in a retrogress or 0 movement days .. pls share your experiences or advice.

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Green Card For Parents

I am a U.S citizen ad would like to apply for Green card for my parents. My parents are living in Canada from last 3 years. The problem is that they do not have their marriage certificate and i have been advised to make affidavits and no found certificates. So my confusion is should the affidavit be from Canada itself, since they are living in canada at present? And what about the witness affidavits? Do we require that too?

Kindly help!!

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My interview experience
Here's my interview experience
I was scheduled for interview on the 31st of March at 7:am
I got to the embassy at 6:30am and joined the long line, after docs review and security checks
I was given a token number which would.
Consular: good morning
Me. : good morning ma'm
Consular : where did you meet your wife
Me : we met so so good place on 20th July 2014
Consular: how did you meet
Me: I explained how we met
Consular : where does your wife work
Me: I gave her the name of the place where she works
Consular : what other places have you been apart from your country
Me : dubai, SA and Qater
Consular did you make arrangements with your wife to go on a trip anywhere
Me yes, dubai and SA
Consular after typing on the system said the golden word.
Your visa has been approved and will be ready for pick up in 3 business day. Me smile and left.
Advice, preparation and prayers helps a lot, my interview was simple and it was less than 10 minutes,
I prayed to God for a simple interview with an approval and he made it possible.
Good luck to those still going through this process.
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Interview Experience - San Fernando Valley Field Office
Hi Everyone!

It has been a pleasure to be part of this forum and a really great help to be able to read all the shared experiences which gives information regarding what to expect on the processing and waiting time. I really do appreciate all those who help me and answered all my queries from receiving the receipts of the filing up to the documents needed for the interview.

For your reference, below is my timeline:

10/26/2015 - USCIS Chicago lock box received the Packet
11/03/2015 - Check has been cashed
11/06/2015 - Receipts have been received
11/16/2015 - Biometrics appointment received scheduled for 11/27/2015
11/16/2015 - Done with Biometrics (walk-in)
01/05/2016 - EAD and Advance Parole have been approved
01/07/2016 - Combo card has been mailed
01/11/2016 - Combo card received
02/25/2016 - Case Updated. Interview is scheduled for 3/29/2016

We were scheduled for the interview at 7:30am. We came at around 6:45am and there's already a line of people outside the USCIS office. We go through the security and got in around 7:00am. The security looked at our appointment letter and told us to drop it off on the box at window 2 and wait for our name to be called. After a while our name was called and the lady officer asks for my I.D. gave us a number and told us to wait for our number to be called. Our lawyer, my wife and i waited for about one hour before our number was called. Around 8:15 a guy officer called our name and number then accompany us on one of the rooms. He was in his 50's and from the way he speaks and his accent i think he is Italian. When we got to the room he swear us in and told my wife to sit on the left chair and me on the right. We were so nervous because he was very strict and even told my wife not to move the chairs ( there's about a foot gap between our chairs). He first asked us for our I.Ds, my passport and my wife's naturalization. He then asked us for all the joint documents we have. My wife started giving him our pictures (we have four albums consisting of family trips, vacation photos, old photos and wedding). He started looking at every single picture we gave him. While he was browsing on the albums we started to lay on his table the joints documents including the apartment lease, car purchased, car insurance, life insurance, bank statements, letters form employers and all the membership cards we have. He started getting some of the photos and asked my wife to write a brief description of that picture, the date and place where it was taken. He took at least ten photos from different events. After browsing the last album (wedding pictures) he briefly looked at the joint documents and asked us if those were all originals which we said yes. Our lawyer then gave him all the photocopies of the documents. He then told us that we can keep all the documents (He didn't looked at everything we provided). He then go through the application and confirm our names, birth date and contact numbers. My wife was so nervous that she scrambled the last four digits of her cellphone number which i immediately corrected. He then ask if we have home phone which we said yes. However, when the officer asked for the number my wife said that she doesn't remember and if it's fine to get it from her cellphone which the officer answered "yeah it's fine". After that the officer told me that it is required for him to ask me the Yes/No questions and for me not to be offended. After the Yes/No questions we thought that he will start asking questions regarding our marriage but instead he told us that the interview is done. We were so surprise that it was so short (lasted less than 20 minutes) and still nervous because he told us that he will still need to review our case one more time which will take 15 minutes and for us to wait in the waiting lobby for the result. While waiting, my wife and i were talking about how the interview went and how come he didn't asked us a lot of questions. Our lawyer then told us that it is because everything were well organized and we have enough joint documents, the officer even told him that we came very well prepared. After waiting for about 20 minutes the officer came out and handed our lawyer a piece of paper indicating that my application to adjust status has been approved (yaaaayy!!!) and they will mail the permanent residency card within 60 days. My online status then changed to new card being produced and later to case has been approved.

My wife and i were so very happy and thankful for the outcome of the interview. All the stress and sleepless night days before the interview were all worth it. My wife and i even fought the night before the interview because i didn't agree on how she answered one of the questions during our practice interview. LOL. We were very thankful and blessed that everything goes smoothly.

Thank you for all of you guys who spend time reading our experience. Best of luck for the others that will be attending their interview soon. Gather enough joint documents as you can and keep everything well organized. Just remember that it's always better to be over prepared than under.

To my neighbor Redline. Good luck on your interview and i know you'll do great. Let me know if you have questions.

Have a great day everyone.
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I am marrying to a US citizen.Currently, I am working in Pittsburgh on H1b visa, while he works in Charlotte NC. So I dont have any shared residency yet. But I am going to quit my job and move to Charlotte with him from May 1st. I don't know when is the best time to file the Concurrent filling (i130 and i485). If I file now, we dont have any shared recidency. If wait for May to file the application when I move to Charlotte, I am afraid my H1b status can't maintain, So I really like to ask u expert, what is the best approach for my situation?
Another question is how should I put addresses all the forms (i131, i765, i864, i485, i130)? Can I put whenever has "mailling address" of immigrant to where my USC husband is since I know for sure I am going to move there next month. the address on Form I485 doesnt have mailling address, so can I also put my husband's address instead of mine? But if that is the case, it will be different from the address on G-325 form.
Can you help me with these questions? It will be really appreciated!

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Family based,F2A, under 21 category, in Oklahoma
My mother applied for me in october 2013 (at that time I was under 21). When the visa became available in my category, which was July 2015, I applies the I-485. two weeks later I applied for the EAD. Approxiamtely After one month of each application (i.e I-485, and EAD) I had the biometrics done. In the meanwhile I got the notice from USCIS for RFE asking me about the form of joint sponsor. I sent that form to them. On nov 19 2015, they were ready to schedule my interview and almost after 3.5 months i got a notice on 15 feb 2016 about the interview which was conducted on 18th march 2016. On the interview date I did and experienced the following:
- Prepare my documents as asked on the interview notice.
- Appointment was at 11, I reached there at 10:40, went thorough the security, put my notice in a small basket which was in the room over the window and seated in a small hall.
- After almost 35 min, Officer came out and called my name and took me and my parents (my mother was the petitioner, she also went with me for the safe side) in his room and took an oath.
- He confirmed my name, my DOB, and my address. He took my driver license, I-94, and passports.
- He matched the address with the driver licence.
- He took my mother's GC and her passport.
- He went through my file and see every document thouroughly. He asked the name of my sponsor. I didn't submit the medical form initially, so he asked my medical form as well.
- he also double check the home address of my mother. She actually lives in new jersey (at that time she was visiting me).
- Then he did some casual discussion like how was the weather outside, asking my mother that if she knows that she can't be outside the USA for more than 6 months on GC etc.
- then he went thorough the formal criminal questions and putting cross on my response.
- At the end he told us that he is going to review it furthermore today and if he needs something, he will asked me by mail. I asked him a question about my travel (which is scheduled on july) and I showed him my parole document. He replied that most probably at that time you will have your card but he didn't say anything clearly either it is approved or not. I don't know what he is going to do next. So he said that I can travel on that document.
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