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I-751 Rejected - Improperly Filed - Green Card Now Expired - Green USCIS letter?

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  • I-751 Rejected - Improperly Filed - Green Card Now Expired - Green USCIS letter?

    Has anyone ever resubmitted an i-751 AFTER green card expires, BUT first submission was on time? USCIS included a green letter to put on top of new filing. Does this green letter mean it won't be considered late filing? We received a rejection notice because we did not include the 3 last blank pages of our form. In our re-fling re-submission we included a letter explaining extenuating circumstances and delays (and the first rejection obviously) caused the new filing to be after the Green Card expired. We're worried they will reject again because it is after the Green Card has expired. Submission details:

    2/22/2021: 1st i-751 submission received.
    03/23/2021: i-751 rejected because it was improperly filed. (unknown to us until package returned) - We did not submit use form G-1145 for text or email, not sure if we would have been informed anyway.
    03/19/2021: Green Card Expires
    03/29/2021: USPS informed delivery (USPS electronic service, free to sign up) shows package delivered from Arizona address, but we did not receive anything. So strange.
    04/05/2021: Package received from USCIS Arizona with rejection notice (from 3/23). Improperly filed because: WE DID NOT INCLUDE LAST 3 BLANK PAGES OF I-751 (Interpreter, preparer, etc. these pages are empty for us....) - Green Page / Letter included stating to resubmit and include green letter on top of resubmission
    4/05/2021: Resubmitted with blank pages (pages 9-11 of i-751) - we added "N/A" to anything not relevant to us (interpreter, preparer...) NOT EVERYTHING WAS RETURNED TO US SO WE REPRINTED DOCUMENTS AND ADDED EVIDENCE. Bank statements, marriage certificate...CHECK EVERYTHING IF REJECTED AND RETURNED.
    ***GC expired 03/19 and we are uncertain if our resubmission is not considered "Late Submission" - we included a letter explaining such long delays prevented us from knowing sooner...and other extenuating circumstances for delay. Maybe the green letter they give us for resubmission helps?
    4/06/2021: New submission / Package received (overnight service with UPS).

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    I too received rejection letter and package in February, for improper filing. I didn’t include four digits for expiration on my debit card I used two digits instead. I just resent package with a new form for debit card. My GC was expired when I resend package and my case was received and I got a receipt notice in 4 weeks.


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      Thanks for the update Kerryt, that is helpful and gives us hope we will be okay!