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My 401K and HSA Balance

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  • My 401K and HSA Balance

    Hi, I have moved back to India in 2017 after living in USA for 16 years and living in India since then. I am also working in India for a reputed conglomerate.

    I did let my Green Card lapse and no intention to go back to USA. My son is a US citizen and may go to USA for further studies in few years.

    I have USD 300K parked in 401K and 0K parked in HAS account in USA. Both the accounts doing well in terms of investment and has made handsome returns.

    I am at age of 45 and hope this accounts to double or grow sizable in next 15-20 years.

    Below are my questions

    1) Can I claim my 401K at the age of withdrawal in USA (I think it is 67 years now)
    2) Can I claim my HSA at the age of 65?

    At present I have not informed these accounts that I have moved to India and it is still holding my residence address as US address of my friend.

    What are the implications and what are the best options?

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    I am in same situation...pls let us know