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eb3 to eb2 porting..

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  • eb3 to eb2 porting..

    I am trying to port my EB3 PD to the current EB2 i140 application. (Old EB3 PD March 2011/INDIA , NEW EB2 PD Aug 2014/INDIA)
    However the Eb3 approved i140 has been revoked by my employer.
    My attorney is saying that most probably the PD wont be ported as the i140 has been revoked by my employer.
    My understanding was that i can continue to use the PD if the i140 has been approved even when it has been revoked.
    Can someone confirm is what my attorney is saying is correct?
    what are the chances that the PD will be ported?
    In case my EB2 I140 is approved and old PD is not ported what other options I have to port the old PD?
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