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I-140 pending - Got a RFE on the H1B extension -NEED HELP GUYS

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  • I-140 pending - Got a RFE on the H1B extension -NEED HELP GUYS

    Hi Folks,

    Need your expertise and suggestions if any of you went through this before. PLEASE HELP and ADVISE

    *** All at Nebraska ***
    I-140 submitted 2/27/2017 -Still Pending
    H-1B/I-94 expires 9/20/2017
    H-1B (I-129) extension submitted 6/10/2017 H-1B RFE 8/9/2017 (Don't have the RFE notice yet! I will update this thread once I got it)

    I don't know what to do now! Obviously I will wait till the attorney share the RFE to know what USCIS needs, but I thought to share this with you to see what are the possible choices here:

    - My concern as all of you know is the I-94 expiry date while it's approaching quickly. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I am trying to be "proactive" -not sure if this is a correct term in this context- but since I have almost 1 month before my I-94 expires, I would like to see if there are any ideas/options I can go with?!

    - First, is there any successful stories after H-1B extension RFE? Should I be panic from the RFE?
    - Should I just sit and keep fingers crossed after attorney respond back to USCIS?
    - What will happen if my I-140 get approved/denied these days while the H-1B extension in process?
    - What will happen if my I-140 get approved but my H-1B extension later get denied (Hate even to think about this)?
    - Can I keep working after the I-94 expiry date while H-1B extension is pending?
    - Should I think in changing my employer and try to find another employer quickly within this month I have before the I-94 expires and transfer my H-1B? (I know I will lose all the GC process and I need to start all over again, but it could be easier than travelling back home after h-1b denial and I-94 expired which is the worst case scenario here