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How long does it take to get CP interview ?

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  • How long does it take to get CP interview ?

    We have filed for I-140 during March last week. Does anyone how long it will approximately take, before we get the final CP interview at Chennai ?.
    -- Kanive

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    How long for interview

    First of all your I-140 has to get approved. After that the file will go to NVC. After that if your PD is current then NVC will send file to Chennai and you packet 3. Then you will send these forms to Chennai. After that they will schedule the interview. My guess is 6-9 months if everything goes smoothly. In my case it is will be approx. one year. Hope this answers your question. Good luck.


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      I-140 Receipt

      Dear all,
      Could someone tell me how long it takes to receive Receipt Date(RD) once you send your I-140 application to INS and who receives it(company or lawyer).

      Thanks in advance


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        Re: How long for interview

        Thanks a lot


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          Re: I-140 Receipt

          Hi !,
          In our case the receipt was recieved by our attorney and then he faxed it to us. It took about a month.


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            If you filed your I140 at the Texas Service Center the current average leadtime for I140 approval is approximately 9 to 10 months, then you need to add the NVC processing time and the actual time it takes to obtain your interview/appointment at Chenai.

            I've heard the California Service Center is processing I140s much faster than other centers...

            Best of luck


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              Our I-140 has been approved.

              RD: 03/23
              ND: 04/28

              EB-2 category, PD Jan 31, 2000 ( NSC)

              Our attorney told us today. How long is it currently taking at NVC and then to get the interview at Chennai ?

              Good luck and thanks a lot,
              -- Kanive