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H1 transfer after I 140 approved???

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  • H1 transfer after I 140 approved???

    Hi there,
    I have a query regarding my H1 transfer and GC process. My friend sugggested your name and said you are the best in such cases...
    I work for company A. I came in USA in April 2007 on L1 visa with them and then they converted it to H1 in Oct 2011. My max out date is Apr 2013 but I have I 140 approved for my GC with them in EB3 category so I feel safe and can get H1 extensions.
    Now, I got this offer from Company B which is quiet good and considerable. my problem is, I dont have a copy of approved I140 from company A but I have the receipt # so will my new company be able to file my H1 based on that receipt # ??? If they transfer my H1, how many years will I get it for?
    I am confused because I dont want to be in situation where I loose my chance to stay here in US for next couple of years just bcoz of this company change.

    please advise.