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    Can you please tell me how do I post a question in Immihelp...? I need a format for Affadavit of Property, I have come across a format, but I thot i'll go thru some more formats coz everybody must be presenting the same format to the consulate officer...I need some help on that...Pls give me the path to post the question...
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    visit http://www.immihelp.com/forum and go to the appropriate forum within it and click on 'New Thread'.
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      Confirm email address

      You may first confirm by clicking the link they sent to ur email.. Then would be allowed to see POST A NEW THREAD button...


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        F1 visa "Still with Post" pls help me

        I had my visa interview at Hyd consulate on 8th april and it was approved. I tried to track my passport by calling to call center number and it said " Your passport is at consular post". I am not sure what does this mean. It's been 3 working days already ad I am bit worried.


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          please help

          Here is my situation.

          1. I came to usa nov 2009 after getting married to my husband. He is on H1b visa and he filled labor under EB2 category in sep 3, 2008.

          2. now EB2 dates move to jan 2009. his priority date is also current. but he was not filling I-485 for me. he is applying himself.

          i asked him " you also apply for me". he said No i don't want to apply for you, we will go india permanently by next month that is september. But iam scared to go india because he was thinking about divorce.

          Anyone can please help me how will i proceed. iam staying in usa right now but he didn't mention iam here when he was filing I-485. what will i do legally.


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            I am not seeing how to post a new thread either. I have an account, but no where do I see any links to post, only to reply to an existing message.


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              How a create new thread or how to post a question of forum ?

              How a create new thread or how to post a question of forum ?


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                Help !! Wrong visa stamped by immi officer

                Dear all,

                I am under a J1 visa since April 2015 ans is valid until May 2016. However, I have been sponsored by the same company with under a H1B and went back to France to get this H1B stamped by the US embassy. This H1B visa starts October 1st. I booked a flight go and return fromSeptember 7th to September 30th back to Paris in order to be get my H1B visa stamped on the correct date (10 days maximum before October 1st). However when I entered the US on September 7th the immigration officer didn't stamped the J1 (while I was still under) but stamped the H1B (While I am not supposed to enter the country more than 10 days before October 1st).
                I just realized that tonight while checking my documents. The flight is a 4.45pm in Miami. The consulate told me to go see them? Have you ever heard about a similar case? Please advise. I am extremely worried as there has been a confusion from the immigration officer.



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                  H1B Stamping Refused

                  My H1B stamping refused after 8 months by chennai US Consulate and no reason mentioned by them.

                  Can I go for stamping again with same petition , since I have been with same employer in India


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                    Am a Nigerian, presently in st Vincent and the grenadines. I applied for USA visa twice through an agent and was refused.
                    Please I want to know my chances of getting a new visa
                    From the information I got the agent lied in some of the application. How do incorrect this things and get a visa.


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                      Reg. H1b Cap process

                      Hi ,

                      I had H1B visa with my previous employer for the duration 2007 to may 2010, and it got expired.
                      I also travelled with the same H1B when it was active with my previous employer.

                      Now i am trying for H1B cap for it, but my badluck is i dont have my H1b petition hard /soft copy,
                      my previous employer is saying, they have not maintaining any copy of it with them.

                      I want to know few things like,

                      1. Am i eligible for H1B Cap now?
                      2. Is there a way to apply for H1B cap without a petition copy?
                      3. Will US embassy help me to get my H1b petition copy?
                      4. is there any other way around to transfer the h1b to my current employer to do the H1b cap process?

                      Thanks & Regards,


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                        Is there any timeline in which visa must be transferred to current employer?

                        I got H1B visa filed by my previous employer (while I was in US) which is valid till Dec 2017. I have joined a new company within India now but they are not much interested in visa transfer. As my visa (filed from my previous employer) is valid till Dec 2017, does it mean my new employer can file for transfer anytime before my visa expiration date and it will be valid till then or else there is a timeline in which a visa must be transferred to my current employer?


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                          Please Help

                          Hi , I get the H1B visa lottery but my company in house project not approve and I had paid money to Logicgate Technologies

                          How can I get the money from Logicgate Technologies and I have all document and Please help me.


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                            Visa To USA


                            i'm syrian engineer living in Unite arab emirates with my syrian wife and one boy born in USA.
                            4 years ago i got visit visa to USA, i went there with my wife and gave birth.
                            i tired to renew the visa but they refused.

                            is there any way that my wife can enter USA?
                            i would like to give birth of my second child in USA too.

                            i'm ready to pay any amount to guarantee an access for her to USA

                            Please help


                            Asaad Asaad


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                              Can my wife travel to India when L2 - EAD application is in progress ?


                              I have come to US on L1 and my wife on L2. She has filed for EAD this week. It will take around 3 months to get the EAD card. Can any of you please answer following question?

                              1. Can she travel to India in these 3 months ? Will it create problem in any way for EAD?