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    L1-B to H4 EAD

    I am on an L1-B visa and intend to quit my job and look for jobs closer to where my husband lives in the US.

    He will get his i-140 next month. My questions:

    1. Should I necessarily have to quit my job and lose L1 status if I want to apply for H4-EAD?
    2. How early (before I quit) should I apply for H4 and what is the procedure?
    3. Can I apply the EAD when I request for the H4?
    4. How long will it take for H4-EAD processing?
    5. Can I travel outside the country between the time I quit and lose L1 status and when I get H4-EAD?
    6. Do I have to go back to my country for H4 stamping?


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      i am planing to travel while H1B Amendment in process.

      Hello All,

      i need some suggestions, can i go for stamping while H1B Amendment in process?


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        F1 opt to h4 visa

        I got 10 month OPT which is is expiring on Nov 2016. I need to apply for H4.

        I worked for a company on my same line of education but without pay(as a Trainee) for 4 months ...Since two months they are paying for my work.....

        change status from OPT EAD to H4 what documents are needed.(CHECKLIST FOR F1 OPT TO H4 VISA)

        If No paystubs for 4 months is that going to be ok.... can I use the letter from the employer that I worked for them during that period as a trainee.Please advice me what to do.

        Thanks ..


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          Passport Lost----Graduating in December 2016----Have to Apply OPT Now----F1 VISA


          I am graduating in December(my last term)

          my last term starts in a week

          I lost my passport,i have to apply my opt now

          i have 2 options

          1) Take a Term Break and apply passport in USA and after i received my passport here then immediately go to India get stamping done

          2)apply passport in USA, and stay in USA without visa in my new passport ,whenever i go India get stamping done( but i m not sure whether i get F1 stamping in my opt)

          i wanna know if i choose 2nd option is there any problem in future

          guide me which is best? and is their any other options


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            Question on OCI card for my Kid

            Hi All,

            I am on L1 visa and my employer applied for visa extension and current I 94 is Expired, now i am in the process of applying OCI card for my kid.
            Document list says required at least 3 months valid I 94, if my L1 visa extension denied, i will not be able to provide any Valid legal I 94. and all other Tourist visas for kid are also required valid I 94, so how i can get OCI card for my kid and travel India permanently?

            Please help me here.



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              Overstayed 1 day in L1A visa due to Attorney miscommunication

              Dear Immihelp Experts,

              Need your suggestion/advise on my case. I applied for my final L1A extension and my attorney said my last day to stay in USA will be July-10-2016. My extension got approved by June-29-2016 which I came to know through USCIS website. I booked the tickets to return to India on July-8. On July-6 I got a mail from my company stating that my extension is approved till July-05.(already overstayed 1 day by the time I got the email).When I contacted my company attorney who filed the extension, they said it was their mistake and gave a letter admitting it. Within few hours of getting the email I left USA on same day July-06. Attorney said as long I didn't overstay more than 180 days it should not be a problem and also I will not have any issues while applying for future L1A visa. Attorney also mentioned to specify the 1 -day overstay in DS-160 when I apply visa in future.

              My question is will I face issues in visa stamping or in Port of Entry due to 1 day overstay. Will I get opportunity to explain why I overstayed in USA by 1 day. Since there is no mistake on my end, how can I avoid any rejection of my visa stamping/POE.



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                F2 Visa got rejected as Spouse's Status was showing Single instead of married in Visa

                My spouse applied for f1 visa on 7th may 2015.he got the visa on 7th and he received his passport with visa on 8th in india.So the visa date was printed as 8th in passport even when he received his visa on 7th may.Now On 8th May 2015 I and my spouse got married.Soon After that my spouse went to USA on 15th May 2015.He forgot to update his married status during his port of entry in USA.Now I applied for f2 visa on 17 th November 2016.Visa officer got confused about the coincidence of same date of my spouse visa and our marriage date. After that visa officer asked me that why is your spouse status showing as single in our database even though you both are married?.visa officer rejected my visa based on that and advised me to reapply but they dint gave the exact reason for rejection.So what I should do now as I am trying to reapply for F2 visa in February 2017.Is there any way where my spouse can change his relationship status from single to married and which will get reflected in visa officer's database.Please help me out with it as I am so much worried.


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                  I need some assistance ,

                  I have h1B visa valid till November 2017 and I have not travelled on h1b visa.
                  later I recently got my L1A stamped from my current employer in India till Jan 2020.
                  However Can I know if I can travel on H1B Visa instead of L1A now ?

                  Please suggest

                  Thank You


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                    Child going to turn 21 and ds 260 form

                    Hello sir
                    Immigration file for me and my mom has been filled.
                    Im going to turn 21 within 2 weeks and the ds 260 form has been submitted sucessfully amd the confirmation has also been received. Then now is their a need to fill any form or anything to consider my age below 21. Will their be any problem in the immigration process for this age purpose. Im really confused in this matter and hoping for your early response as i ll turn 21 within 2 weeks.
                    Waiting for your response
                    Thank you


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                      H1B under administrative process

                      Hi All,
                      I applied for H1B in 2015 sept, and VO told your visa has been approved,but after few days i get to know my cases is in admin process.
                      Almost 1.5 year over it is still under admin process. when I sent mail to support team i got below reply:

                      Case Reason: Hold case/221 G & Refusals/214B

                      Public Response: Based on the documents you submitted and the information elicited in your interview with a consular officer, you were determined ineligible for an H1B work visa. Your petition was returned to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) on April 13, 2016. Once KCC receives a petition, it is returned to the approving U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office for review and possible revocation. At this point, USCIS can either reaffirm the petition or issue a notice of intent to revoke it. If the petition is reaffirmed, the Department of State will continue processing the case. Please direct all your future inquiries to the approving USCIS office.

                      My query:
                      1.Can I reapply ,considering it has been rejected.
                      2.Should i ask some consultant to get the details of the status.
                      3. 214 B ,says if there is significant changes then it may recosnider, I am getting married this month .will it be significant changes?

                      Kindly reply ASAP.


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                        Can I leave the employer A within a month which applied me for H1B visa

                        Hello all,

                        I am holding L2 Visa status with EAD, can I leave the employer A within a month which applied me for H1B visa & join Employer B with My L2 EAD status?

                        I am holding L2 Visa with EAD which is valid till oct 2018. I got the offer on 29th march 2017 & on the same day that consultancy filled LCA for me ( I have asked receipet
                        number, but yet to receive), I joined as contractor on 3rd April 2017 via that consultancy "Employer A" said that they will file H1B for this year. When i asked for the
                        status via email on 6th April evening at 4.00 Pm, I got the update that today (6th April 2017) they are going to file the H1B, when i called them on same day at 6.00 Pm, i
                        got the update that they filled my H1B just now, I really doubt if they have really filled my H1b or not.
                        now i have got another offer with better job profile & work which i was looking for, so can i quit my current job immediately & join that new organization "Employer B"?

                        I have below queries.

                        1. How to get the confirmation if the H1b is really filed or not?
                        2. If i quit my job with company A & joned Employer B with current L2 EAD which is authorize to work till Oct 2018, what will happen in case if company A has really filed my H1B?
                        3. Is there any chance that Employer A can revoke the filed H1b? If yes does that have any impact to Employer B to file H1B for next year for me?
                        4. In case the H1b get approved with Employer A, how tat cen be transfer to Employer B from Oct 2017?
                        5. As currently i am holding L2, is that will create any issue while transfering from Employer A to Employer B in case H1B get approved?

                        It will be really helpful if someone can help me with above queries

                        Thanks in advance.


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                          b2 to f1 change of status

                          Originally I am from I got my status changed from b2 to f1 and I am going to university for masters currently i am in second semester.If i travel to canada and try to com back to U.S.
                          Do i have to appear for visa interview and schedule for f1 interview by fullin DS160 form??


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                            Can my husband file form I-130 While waiting for an approval for form I- 539

                            I arrived in the U.S in October of 2016. At the port of entry i was given a two months stay. The purpose of my trip was basically to deal with some SSI for my daughter. However i had to stay a little longer than my two month on my 1-94. I filed for adjustment of status for my B1 B2 tourist visa once i knew i would have to stay longer than the time that was given to me.

                            I eventually got married to my husband who is a U.S citizen in March of 2017. A month later i got a letter from USCIS that i needed to send more evidence which i did.

                            My question is can my husband start filing form I-130 while waiting for form I-539 to be approved or denied. Any answer on this will be greatly appreciated.


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                              B2 Visa

                              Hi .

                              Yesterday that is on 16th May 2017 i had attended interview for b2 got rejected.

                              I am single and working at MNC company here in INDIA want to visit brother place .

                              and VO didnt even look for my vacation approval from my company she rejected right after asking my marital status .

                              Can i re apply immediately after rejection and if yes how soon i can reapply.


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                                Spouse is green card holder

                                Hi .

                                My husband is green card holder .Can i apply for F1 visa after marriage?

                                i had been rejected for b2 visa last month will it affect my chances of getting F1 visa?

                                Thanks in advance!!!!