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EB1A Criteria & Chances

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  • EB1A Criteria & Chances

    I am applying for an EB1A. I live in California but the company I work for has offices all over the country (and the world). I can use any address for applying. I wanted to know does the Nebraska versus the Texas service center affect the approval chances for a i140? Till 2012 the approval rate at Texas was much higher than Nebraska. If so, what should I use as an address proof? so I can file at the Texas service center.

    Second question -
    What are my chances for EB1A? My profile:
    MBA from Top 10 School, working at a top tier management consulting firm. 10+ years of experience
    Targeting the following criteria:
    1. Judge - Was in a panel of judges for a international business case competition
    2. Original scientific, business contribution - Letter from CXO of a Fortune 10 organization stating major business impact benefiting local economy. Have media citations for the impact of the work
    3. Leading or critical role for distinguished organization - Recommendation letters from senior partners and senior clients stating the criticality of my work, and media citations for a distinguished organization
    4. High Salary - Very high salary, top 0.1% of profession