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Chance for EB2-NIW

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  • Chance for EB2-NIW

    Hi everybody, I have started a postdoc position in the US since March. The contract will have to be signed every year and the position is supposed to last 3 years. Since this year I would like to focus on the project, I will prepare for a package submission to NIW next year. Prior to that, I would like to ask about my chance for this NIW.

    Herewith, my current profile is

    1. PhD in Italy (maximum grade), short-term postdoc in Germany, long-term postdoc in Belgium with a personal grant from a national foundation but suspended for the present position in the US;
    2. 111 citations and half are independent;
    3. 19 papers (all peer-reviewed and international) and some preprints;
    4. Reviewers for several international journals, most of them are closely related to the current field of study in the US.

    Finally, I am also concerned about the main differences between the benefits of EB1 and EB2-NIW. Thank you very much.