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  • H4 Pending ---> H1B (change of status)

    I am on H4 status and visa expired in the fourth week of May, 2020. My H4 extension was filled three weeks prior (first week of May)

    I have an H1B visa as well and now plan to file change of status from H4 to H1B.

    Now, I would like to understand if my current H4 extension petition...
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  • Tricky situation - need info for h4 to h1b transfer cos

    Need the following info if it is possible . Please advise if we have any other options

    1. In 2017, my wife who was residing in US on H4 visa, traveled to India on March 29th and returned back to US on H4 visa in July.

    2. The same year, 2017, Employer X applied for her H1B....
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  • kamalpreet82
    started a topic H4 to H1b Conversion

    H4 to H1b Conversion

    Hi folks,

    Need your opinion and feedback on the situation i am in.
    I and my wife, both have valid h1b petitions and both are I140 approved.

    My wife is currently working on H4 EAD with Company X. Her Company filed her h4 to h1b change of status on 20th Feb( Receipt...
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  • Aparupa
    started a topic H4 to H1 COS

    H4 to H1 COS


    I was on visa H4 in the US and hold a H1B visa from my previous employer. A consultancy company filed for my H1B transfer and it has now been approved. But the company is not employing me now since they don't have a position.

    So what would be my visa current status...
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  • ani2018
    started a topic H4 to H1

    H4 to H1

    Hi All,

    I have a situation where I may be out of job and may not have enough time to find a job and get my H1 transferred. I have time left on my existing H1 until 2019. Offcourse I have an option to get a contracting role and transfer to one of those consulting firms but I am looking...
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  • First time Status Change in Canada

    H4 to H1

    On Jan 03, 2018, my status was changed from H4 to H1.
    I have to go to Canada to complete my PR formalities before mid-March, 2018, which also means I need H1 stamp to re-enter US.
    So, what are the odds of getting H1 stamp denied, considering the fact my status/employment...
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  • pradeepeee
    started a topic H4 Questions

    H4 Questions

    I am having H1B visa with ABC company until Feb 2018. My wife works for XYZ company and went for stamping in India. She got her H1B stamp until 2019 Feb now. But after stamping is done, her company lost the client and did not approve her travel back to US.
    Now I am thinking to file H4 visa and...
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  • change of status ( H1 to H4 and back to H1)


    I am currently working on H1B visa and planning to change the employer and take a break from work. As my husband is also working on H1B, i have heard that i can go for change of status to H4.
    My question is, do i need to go back to india for stamping if i change the status...
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  • H4 and never traveled to US and applying for H1

    Hi Guys,

    I need your inputs urgently.

    My wife has never traveled to US and currently in India.

    My queries are:
    If I apply for her H1 in Apr'2017 by staying in India, can she travel to US in May'2017 on H4 visa ?
    What if I get H4 stamped now...
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  • Can H1 be filed for a person on H4 and ouside US


    My wife is on H4 and she is currently in India for a vacation and will be back in June 2017. When I checked with a consultant company to file H1B for her, they told she has to be physically in the USA before March 31st. Please let me know if this is correct. Cant they file H1B when...
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  • H4 to H1 approved. But not working

    My wife came to US in 2014 on H4.
    Her H1 was filed and got approvedin 2015, but she travelled to India in September 2015 ( before start of her H1 )
    She came back in Mar 2016 on H4, since then she is on H4 and got her H4 extension approved too in 2016.

    Now we have below...
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  • diliptmonson
    started a topic H4 to H1 Conversion

    H4 to H1 Conversion


    I have applied H1b for my wife and currently the visa is in RFE stage. I am planning to apply H4 visa for her through my employer while H1B issue gets resolved.
    Would you know if there is any complication involved while converting H4 to H1B visa. Also, since I had applied H1B...
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  • Change Of Status - H4 to H1B


    Me and my wife both are in US right now. I am on H1B (valid till Dec,2017 and can be extended till Dec,2020) and she is on H4. I want to file COS for my wife (H4 to H1B) next year (April 2017). She got an employer who is willing to file COS for her. But my concerns are as follows...
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  • From H4 to H1b (using 2014 H1b approved petition)

    My spouse is on H4 and I am on H1b (in Texas).
    She has a H1b petition from a consultant (filed in 2014 when we were in our native country India). Now she want to start working for same consultant using same petition (filed in 2014).
    What are the options to move from H4 status to H1b status...
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  • zzrohit
    started a topic H4 to H1 when H1 is revoked

    H4 to H1 when H1 is revoked


    I have my H1B petition (with company A) approved in 2013 with start date as October 1 2013.The validity of my H1B is until Sep 2016. However Company A filed a revoke of this H1B(valid till Sep 2016) with USCIS in Apr 2014 which was 2 days before I applied for H1 transfer (to Company...
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