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    I am having H1B visa with ABC company until Feb 2018. My wife works for XYZ company and went for stamping in India. She got her H1B stamp until 2019 Feb now. But after stamping is done, her company lost the client and did not approve her travel back to US.
    Now I am thinking to file H4 visa and bring her to US. Can someone please let me know
    1) will she get her H4 visa with only 5 months of validity on my H1B or should I file for my H1B extension and then her H4? I am ready to file for an extension if she comes to US along with my H1B extension. My employer typically files H1B extensions only 2 months before visa expiry.
    2) will her existing H1B stamp get cancelled if she goes for H4 interview in India?
    3) if the H1B stamp is cancelled and she comes back to US on H4, can she apply for H1B transfer on her previous I797 (which is valid until 2019 FEB) if she gets a job or does she has to go for H1B as new applicant with lottery, approval etc.

    Please help me with above queries. Much appreciate your help.