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P1 visa expiration with valid B2

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  • P1 visa expiration with valid B2

    Hi, I've been on a P1 visa for the past 4 years and is nearing it's expiration date. Before attaining my P1, I was on a B2, (exp Oct 2023). Is the B2 still valid if I have also had a P1 and if so, is it possible to leave the country and return on my B2 tourist visa? Any help will be much appreciated.

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      There are legal ways to switch from one visa status to another with a gap in between, but only if you make sure that you never let one visa lapse without having another one in the works.
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        Thank you for sharing. This is interesting to me.


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          It is common for foreign nationals that have entered the U.S. to overstay the time allotted according to their visa restrictions. If this has happened to you, there are a few consequences/penalties, depending on the circumstances.


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            I don't think you can have two valid visas for one person.