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  • B1 rejected

    I recently applied for a B1 visa and got rejected. it was my first time.

    I am friends with the head of HOLLYWOOD ARTS ACADEMY in pasadena, california.

    i'm a musician as well as software engineer.

    My friend discussed with me how she wanted to develop the school by teaching international students also. I gave her some ideas of internet learning.

    She wanted me to come over and guide the software team of the school to develop website. also provide insights of indian classical music to the students.

    This is how my interview went

    VO - why do you want to go the US?
    Me - Answered.

    VO - Which city?
    Me - Answered.

    VO - Are you going to meet your friend?
    Me - No, but to help her with the development of the school.

    VO - What's her name?

    VO - Would she pay you?
    Me - No.

    VO - But you will be developing the website?
    Me - No, i will only guide the software team.

    VO - What does she do?
    Me - She's a musician and head of Hollywood Arts Academy.

    VO - Duration?
    Me - 6 months ( as it's a big project ).

    VO - Sorry, i cannot issue a visa. you can reapply. ( letter 214(b) handed ).
    Me - No problem, have a good day.

    He didn't ask for any documents. Could someone help me with this?

    I do understand the duration is not convincing, that was one of the reasons. I need to apply again, the school has already found another person within the states to do the software work.

    They still want me to come over and give presentations on indian classical music.

    What do i need to prepare? Would previous rejection impact this interview? Also, are there any logs stored in the database, as the purpose has been changed this time.


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    Your answers 3,5,8 must have triggered the VO. You were going to meet her and her IT team right.

    Refer to your friend as business associate and get a formal invitation letter from her which mentions why you are special to them and therefore invited for presentations

    Try to prove strong personal+professional associations with India (employer letter: https://www.immihelp.com/sample-empl...visitors-visa/, if you work at a music school or software company)

    I also agree that the duration was long. Try to ask for 4 weeks and make multiple trips if need be.

    Rejections are logged. But the previous one should not impact your next interview much. You handled the rejection well.

    All the best