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Do I need a B1 Visa or not

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  • Do I need a B1 Visa or not


    I’m a canadian entrepreneur base in Montreal. My business is to buy my merchandises from physical retailers and ship it to Amazon warehouses by UPS. I don’t ship to customers directly.

    Yesterday, I went to cross the border and I have been refused to enter the USA because the custom officer said I need a work visa to do this. The thing, back in early August, I have call the border and explain my situation and they said that I don’t need a visa to do that because I’m a canadian base company and my incomes are in canadian base bank. I don’t bring back the merchandise back to Canada, it is ship by UPS in the United States. Couple of days after my call, I went to the border in Vermont, explain the same situation and the Customer officer let me pass with a Truck fee.

    So I'm now very confuse. Two different days, two different custom officer and two different result. I have try to contact the US Consulate in Montreal and Ottawa, no answer!!

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    So bad for you. But there is no other way but the approval of the consulate if you are not cleared. Apart from the consulate, I can't think of a place that can help you with customs clearance.
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