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Crewman visa - C1/D Visa - Comprehensive information availalable

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  • Crewman visa - C1/D Visa - Comprehensive information availalable

    Comprehensive information about Crewman visa or C1/D visa is available at

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    My friend had enter in US with C1D visa and working in USA for around five years and his visa has expired recently . He obtain Portuguese passport as part of Portuguese colony.
    Now he wants to go back to India. He wants to know .....
    while going back which passport he can use.....Indian or Portuguese? (As per my knowledge i suggested him to show Indian and once he go back than he can go to Portuguese and try to come back as Portuguese National).
    -Is there any chances for him to apply for any other visa as he has Portuguese passport ?
    -He likes USA and want to come back.......can he come back?

    I wanted to post but could not.....if you can please do for me....


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      Good luck to your friend,i have no such kind of this experience,so ..


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        Seaman visa


        I have a question about who is eligible to obtain a seaman visa. I want to apply for a cruise line here in the USA but I have a TPS status (temporary permit status) to stay and work legally in the USA. Before I apply for that position I would like to know if I'm eligible for a visa?



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          apply with C1 D and cancelled the appointment and can I apply asa Tourist?


          I my C1 D visa was expired last year, and I have applied and schedule for same category as C1 D, and I got informed the vessel was cancelled. so I cancelled my visa appointment. now its like one week, Can I fill a new Ds 160 with different visa category and apply apply as a tourist? since i cannot get refund my visa fees.

          note i/ve been to USA for 6 times to join Vessels. can anybody please help