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Please help H1b transfer multiple companies

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  • Please help H1b transfer multiple companies


    At present I am working with company A with valid visa and I94 till June 2014 . I got an offer from company B and transferd my visa,my visa got approved but i am not planning to join company B as i had a very good offer from another company C that i cannot effort to loose it .

    Now when i file my transfer to company C .

    1. Do i need to have the approved I797 from company B (never joined ) for company C transfer .

    2. Do i need to inform company C about my visa transfer to company B

    3. Do i have any issues if i dont inform this to company C .

    I am not sure if i can get an approval notice from company B as i am not joining them they might cause an issue to me . Please suggest .....

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    Please help


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      Originally posted by sriswetha91 View Post
      Please help
      Please let me know your suggestions


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        Any other info

        Does company b petition withdrawal has any impact on company c transfer any idea ?


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          Please help

          If company B withdraws my petition before my H1 with company C is processed will i have any issues ? Please note I am not joining company B at all


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            Thank you

            Originally posted by bggoback
            No, no problem at all sweetie you are safe. Happily join company C and make the dollars.
            Thank you i am bit releaved . I have one final question i have my I94 valid for A till June 2014 and now i got an I94 valid from B till Dec 2014 . Which is the latest I94 i need to provide for my transfer to C ? I dont have the I94 from B .


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              Not allowing murth y in the link please ..edit and submit ..

              Please help i am really worried after looking at this thread ....Will the UCIS query for approved petition for which we never joined . Is it ok to reply back saying we never joined and we dont have the approved petition with us . Please give your thoughts ..
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                what did you do? I am in similar situation