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H4 Visa- ds160 & Drop Box questions

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  • H4 Visa- ds160 & Drop Box questions

    Hi , My wife is planning to attend H4 stamping in India in September 2013. She is currently on H4 and her current visa will expire by July 2014.
    My questions
    - DS 160 Who will be the principal applicant and petitioner, the reason I ask this is I recently changed my employer and she received a new I-797( I539 extension) and a new EAC number. so should I mention her EAC number or mine in filling DS 160, ALSO the Principal applicant ?
    - Whom should I be filling as a Petitioner ? The reason I ask this is in her 797 A - Her name is shown as petitioner

    Drop Box :

    Is she qualified for a drop Box when she attends Visa stamping in India- she is applying on the same classification - The reason I ask this is I changed my employer and will it affect her as well from being not qualified for that?
    can somebody help?

    Thank you!

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    DS160 H4 extension question

    I am in a similar situation , and me and my wife both are eligble for dropbox
    I have the same question about the petitioner name and eac number on her H4 ds160 application
    Whether we should specify the one she got for her extension or the since I am the prinicipal applicant it should be mine.