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NOT use the approved H1B

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  • NOT use the approved H1B

    Hello, I am on F1 Visa and currently working for the X employer and X sponsored for my H1b and it just got approved. I am planning on doing my master's starting from this Fall and I also have a graduate assistantship lined up with that university. I have a few questions regarding the process.
    1) Can I not use my H1B and use it after I graduate with my master's degree? What things do I have to worry about if I do so?
    2) If I am to use my H1B, can I work for the X company as well as the university(as a graduate assistant). If I work at the university, my tuition will be waived and I will get a stipend. So basically I will be paid by two employers.
    3) Is it possible to use my H1B to work as a graduate assistant in a University? I heard that graduate assistantship is based on the assumption that you are student, so you have to be on F1. But I am thinking that I would still be a student with the H1B visa since I got admitted to the university. Thanks!
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