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H4 Visa EAD information

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    My H4 visa expires in 3months and I've received EAD this week with expiry date same as H4. My Spouse's H1 Visa extension receipt is not yet dispatched though we initiated it 2months ago. Will I still be eligible to apply for auto extension (i.e., 180 days as per EAD rules) or I need to wait until H4 extension is approved and then apply for H4 EAD Renewal.

    If any of the members have info regarding the above query please do reply.

    Thanks in advance!​​


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      I was in US on H1B for 7 years before converting to H4 EAD.
      I am currently in status and working full time.
      Do I have to go to India to get my H4 EAD VISA stamped, or I can go to Canada and get my new VISA stamped?

      Please advise.



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        My H4 EAD (C26 code) and H4 status is expiring on 09/30/2022. My spouse filed for H1B, H4 and EAD renewal simultaneously in August' 2022 and received a receipt number from USCIS stating CASE IS ACTIVELY REVIEWED BY USCIS. My question is, am i eligible for automatic H4 EAD extension as per new DHS rule? Please suggest.

        Also my I-94 will expire on 09/30/2022 what will be the procedure to continue my employment.

        Thank you


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          H4 EAD: Help with evaluating if the Writ of Mandamus is the way to go.

          Hello everyone,

          I have applied for I-765 (EAD) for employment authorization. Currently, I'm on an H4 visa which was issued last year. This is a standalone application in the sense that I have only applied for EAD.

          My application processing center is in California, and the last update I got from them was about the receipt notice last week for April. So it's been more than four months since I have gotten any updates from the USCIS.

          I was trying to see if I can get a response from USCIS. I do not qualify for expedited requests as my reason is more of "I'm freaking frustrated". I do have a pending job contract.

          After talking to a lawyer, he said it's possible and would cost around $4500(!!).

          My application is still processing for 4 months, which is still under the processing time suggested by USCIS, which is 9 months.

          I'm trying to see if it's worth going down this route as it's a lot of $$$, and if there is a really low chance of this resulting in anything I'd like to know beforehand.

          Does anyone have experience with successfully filing a Mandamus? Any help appreciated.