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    Can someone please assist me on this?


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      Hello Friends
      I have received an RFE for an H1b transfer from Company A to Company B. The USCIS is questioning the relationship of my Mechanical Engineering degree to the offered position of VP of Engineering.

      The attorneys are saying that they need to obtain a professor's opinion.

      I have a BTech degree in Mechanical and 18+ years of experience. What are the severity of this RFE and its chances of approval?​​


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        I got my visa stamped from Dhaka, Bangladesh for H1B. During that time, I got a 221g where they asked me to submit a document. The consulate officer did keep my original I797 and client letter. He mentioned that your documents will be returned when picking up your passport. I submitted documents for 221g and a few weeks later I got my visa stamped for 1 year but they didn't return my original documents. I emailed the consulate office and they responded to me of not having the file. I arrived in the USA with my copies of I797. I did a google search and found out that I need to file I824. Since my visa will be expired at the end of this year, I am planning to go back to my home country and apply for US Visa again since my petition will expire in 2025. So, here is a couple of questions that I wanted to ask -
        Do I need to have the original copy during my interview?
        Does anyone have experience with I824 for a duplicate approval notice of I797?
        What will be the required documents other than your I797?
        What is the time procedure for a duplicate approval notice of I797?

        I would be grateful if anyone can answer the questions.

        Thank You